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2014 Fall District Convention
2014 Harmony College Northeast
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    Harmony College Northeast 2014
    Fri-Sat-Sun., August 8-9-10 at
    Worcester State University
    486 Chandler Street
    Worcester, MA 01602

    Contact: Ed Fritzen - email: elfritze at me dot com
    (remove the spaces, replace at/dot)

    Wow!  Perhaps the best offering of classes and the largest group of star-studded instructors ever gathered in the NED!

    HCNE Classes and Courses
    Classes Offered
    Wow!  LOOK at this Quick-List!
    (alphabetical; updated 7/16/2014)
    • Advanced Directing
    • Arranging Workshop
    • Creative Interpretation
    • Effective Movement
    • Expressive Singing
    • How to be a Great Baritone
    • How to be a Great Bass
    • How to be a Great Lead
    • How to be a Great Tenor
    • How to Succeed in Barbershop Without Trying Really Hard
    • HXNE/HCNE/DCNE Adult Chorus
    • Intro to Directing
    • Introduction the Judging Program
    • Introduction to the Theory of Barbershop Harmony
    • Is this thing on? Sound Reinforcement for Barbershop
    • Knowing What Part of the Chord You're On
    • Mix and Match
    • The "NOT"-Theory, Theory Class
    • Performance Analysis
    • Performance Packaging
    • Physics of Barbershop Harmony
    • Private Voice Instruction
    • Quartet Coaching Meet and Greet
    • Scramble Quartet Experience
    • Show Production and Stage Management
    • Sight Singing
    • Song Themes in Presentation
    • Stage Managing Workshop
    • Tag Singing
    • The Quartet Experience
    • Using Software to Improve Learning
    • Vocal Boot Camp
    • Woodshedding
    HCNE Faculty List
    2014 Faculty!
    (updated Wed. 7/21/2014)

    Our Special Guests - coaches, educators
    and performers:
    The members of CROSSROADS quartet!
    • Fred Farrell
    • Brandon Guyton
    • Jim Henry
    • Mike Slamka
    • Steve Armstrong (Director of Toronto Northern Lights, BHS 2013 Intl. Champion Chorus)
    • Daryl Bornstein (Sound Designer, Former BHS Contest Technical Consultant)
    • Raymond Schwarzkopf (Music Judge, Coach, Director, Quartet Guy)
    2014 HCNE Faculty

      (alphabetical by Last Name)

    • Steve Armstrong (Advanced Directing)
    • Ted Blank (Using technology to improve learning, Quartet Scramble Experience)
    • Kurt Boutin (How to be a Great Bass)
    • Daryl Bornstein (Is this thing on? Sound Reinforcement for Barbershop )
    • Diane Coates (Song Themes in Presentation, Effective Movement, Stage Managing Workshop)
    • Joey Constantine (Downtown Crossing/Teaching Quartet)
    • Dan Costello (Director's Track/Downtown Crossing Teaching Quartet)
    • Bill Deegan (Physics of Barbershop Harmony)
    • Steve Delehanty (Woodshedding, Introduction to the Theory of Barbershop Harmony, Knowing What Part of the Chord You're On)
    • Larry Dodge (Quartet coaching/Private Vocal Instruction).
    • Debbie Dodge (Coaching, Private Voice Instruction)
    • Fred Farrell (Crossroads)
    • Ken Fisher (Intro to Directing)
    • Jonathan Green (Coaching/Hospitality)
    • Brandon Guyton (Crossroads)
    • Jim Henry  (Crossroads)
    • Liane Iannuzo (Coaching, Private Voice Instruction)
    • Matt Kopser (Coaching)
    • Mike Maino (Show Production)    
    • Jason McCarter (Coaching/Hospitality)
    • Wendy McCoole (You Be the Judge, Are We All In Sync)
    • Matt Mercier (Quartet Experience)
    • Bill Mitchell (Coaching)
    • Seth Orenstein (Coaching, Teaching Quartet)
    • Ben Orenstein (Coaching, Teaching Quartet)
    • Steve Plumb (Introduction to the Judging Program)
    • Marc Rosenbaum (Coaching, Hospitality)
    • Karen Rourke (Mix and Match, Creative Interpretation, Performance Packaging)
    • Eric Ruthenberg (Arranging)
    • Raymond Schwarzkopf (How to Read Music/Coaching)
    • Mike Slamka (Crossroads)
    • Renee Tramack (Private Voice Instruction, Performance Analysis)
    • Steve Tramack (Vocal Boot Camp)
    Documents YOU can use - now!
    Download/Save, Print & Resend/Share!
    2014 HCNE
    1-page FLYER
    (to post at chapter meeting
    or send via email to members)

    2014 HCNE
    Class/Course Descriptions
    Please note: all classes and instructors are subject to change

    Faculty Biographies


    2014 Class
    Master Schedule
    for the complete 2014 Master Schedule
    as a PDF document.  Print & hand out!

    Campus Map
    at Worcester State U.
    HCNE Registration
     You MUST pre-register for
    specific classes this year!
    Please use the Master Schedule
    to decide and plan your day!
    Please Note:
    Prior to registering, please view course descriptions and faculty biographies, as you will be choosing your courses when registering online! 

    On-Site Registration

    Online registration will close at on July 30, 2014 at Midnight, in order to prepare for HCNE on-site registration.  But never fear!  You may still register & attend - just travel to Worcester Friday and/or Saturday with enough time to spare for you to register ON-SITE and pay with cash, your personal check or your credit card (yes!). 

    Special note for Quartets:
    Quartets who are coming to be coached have the choice of an all day or a half day session this year. Please have all four members, when registering, designate themselves as being a part of a quartet.

    NED Showcase on Saturday Night
    Each ticket includes admission to the Show (Held in the WSU Auditorium) and to the Pizza Party Afterglow in the Student Union afterwards.
    Tickets are limited -  get yours early so you won't be disappointed.  Just use the same "REGISTER NOW" button above and find the "Show-Only Tickets" option. (Special Note: If you are attending HCNE as a participant you do not need to purchase a show ticket as it is already included)
    Want to...
    Stay-over After the Show?
    In addition, you have an option to purchase a Saturday Night Stay-over package.  For $50 per person, you get a room for Saturday night and Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast.  This way you can stay as late as you want at the afterglow and not have to worry about driving home!
    HCNE Price List

    HCNE2014 Registration, Room & Board

    Full registration: double occupancy
    Full registration: single occupancy
    Linens package (needed; unless bringing your own)
    Commuter registration- no lodging
    Companion full registration (no classes)
    Standalone Sat. Night Show/Glow ticket only 
    Saturday night stay-over (deadline 8/4/14)

    All dorm rooms are suites with a mini-kitchen, sitting area, shared bathrooms and two or four bedrooms.  Single occupancy means there will be one bed in your bedroom.  Double occupancy means there will be two beds in your bedroom and you will share that room with someone else.

    Full registrations include tuition; five meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast); Saturday Night Show & Pizza Party Afterglow; and two nights lodging (Fri. / Sat.) PLEASE NOTE: This does not include your linens, towels and pillow. You must bring your own or purchase the Linens Package.

    Linens packages include thermal blanket, flat & fitted sheets, bath towel, face cloth, pillow case and pillow.

    Commuter registrations include tuition; three meals (Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Saturday Night Show & Pizza Party Afterglow - NO lodging is included.

    Companion registrations (ONLY FOR THOSE WHO WILL NOT BE ATTENDING ANY CLASSES) include all full registration items EXCEPT tuition. PLEASE NOTE: This does not include your linens, towels and pillow. You must bring your own or purchase the Linens Package. 

    Standalone Show/Glow tickets include admission to the Saturday Night Show (Held in the WSU Auditorium) & Pizza Party Afterglow.  NOTE: Use this only for additional or standalone Show & Afterglow combo tickets. Admission to the Saturday night Show & Afterglow is included for all registered attendees.

    Saturday night stay-over includes Saturday night dinner and lodging and Sunday breakfast. This option is for those who want to come to the big Saturday Night Show and Afterglow and who don't want to drive home after.  PLEASE NOTE: You will have to bring our own towels, blanket, sheets and pillow.
    HCNE Weekend Schedule

    HCNE/DCNE 2014
    Tentative Overview Schedule
    (version 2 - 7/9/2014; subject to revision)

    Friday, August 8, 2014
    2:00-8:00 pm Check-in, Registration & Room Assignments  Wasylean Hall - Conf. Rm.
    5:15-6:15 pm Dinner / BBQ Dowden Hall Courtyard (or cafeteria)
    7:00-8:30 pm General Session #1 - EVERYONE
    Keynote Address: Dick Powell
    (Society Board Member)
    Eager Auditorium/Hall (Sullivan Bldg.) 
    9:00-10:00 pm Friday Evening Classes
    (see Master Schedule) 
    August 9, 2014

    7:00-9:00 am Check-in and Commuter Registration  Wasylean Hall - Conf. Rm.
    7:00-8:00 am Breakfast  Cafeteria (Student Center) 
    8:00-8:45 am General Session #2 - EVERYONE  Eager Auditorium/Hall (Sullivan Bldg.) 
    9:00-12:15 pm
    Saturday Morning 3-hour Full-Classes
    (see Master Schedule) 
    Rooms - to be announced
    9:00-10:30 am
    Saturday Morning 1.5-hour Half-Classes
    (see Master Schedule) 
    Rooms - to be announced
    Saturday Morning 1.5-hour Half-Classes
    (see Master Schedule) 
    Rooms - to be announced
    12:15-12:50 pm Lunch  Cafeteria (Student Center) 
    1:00-2:00 pm General Session #3- EVERYONE
    An hour with CROSSROADS
    Eager Auditorium/Hall (Sullivan Bldg.) 
    2:15-5:00 pm 
    Saturday afternoon 3-hour Full-Classes
    (see Master Schedule) 
    Rooms - to be announced
    2:15-3:45 pm
    Saturday afternoon 1.5-hour Half-Classes
    (see Master Schedule) 
    Rooms - to be announced
    3:45-5:00 pm
    Saturday afternoon 1.5-hour Half-Classes
    (see Master Schedule) 
    Rooms - to be announced
    5:30-6:30 pm Dinner  Cafeteria (Student Center) 
    7:00-9:45 pm
    NED Harmony Showcase
    HXNE/HCNE Saturday Night SHOW!
    Sullivan Auditorium

    10:00-midnight Pizza Party Afterglow 
    Exhibit Area / Blue Lounge
    (Student Center) 
    Aug. 10, 2014

    7:00-8:00am Breakfast  Cafeteria (Student Center) 
    8:00-12:00pm Checkout  Wasylean Hall Lobby

    See you next year at HCNE 2015 -
    Tentatively Scheduled for
    August 7-9, 2015
    Most Likely Right Here at
    Worcester State University!
    Tell all of your barbershop friends -
    or NEW friends, any friend!
    Better yet - BRING 'em ALONG!!!
    Thanks for your participation & support!

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