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    Conventions & Contests
    ... in general ...
    The Northeastern District has Conventions in the Spring and Fall of each year.
    Spring Conventions & Contests
    The contest cycle in the Northeastern District begins in the Spring. 

    There are five Divisions in the NED:

    • Granite and Pine
    • Mountain
    • Patriot
    • Sunrise
    • Yankee

      Each Division has its own Chorus and Quartet contest.  
    Each year, on a rotating basis, 2 Divisions will join for a Regional Convention.  All Choruses and Quartets are invited to participate in the spring contests. The spring contests are used to qualify to sing in the Fall District Contest.
    Additional Contests are held in conjunction with a Division Contest:
    • International Quartet Qualification (held at one of the single Division conventions)
    • Seniors Quartet contests are held in conjuction with Division Contests.
    • College Quartets compete in Division contests
    Fall Conventions & Contests

    The Contest cycle culminates in the Fall with:
    • District Chorus & Quartet Championship
    • Chorus International Qualification
    • Seniors Quartet International Qualification
    Future Conventions & Contests
    A tentative schedule for planning...
    Tentative Schedule for Future Contests:
    2013 Convention Dates:
    March 15-17 :: Int'l Prelims/Granite & Pine/Patriot Divisions Contests
    April 12-14 :: Yankee/Mountain Divisions Contests
    May 3-5 :: Sunrise Division Contests
    Oct 18-20 :: Fall District Convention - Portland, ME

    2014 Convention Dates:
    March 21-23 :: Int'l Prelims/Yankee/Mountain Divisions Contests -
    April 4-6* :: Granite & Pine/Patriot Divisions Contests -
    May 2-5 :: Sunrise Division Contests -
    Oct 17-19 :: Fall District Convention -
      * revised 9/4/13

    2015 Convention Dates:
    March 20-22 :: Int'l Prelims/Granite & Pine/Patriot Divisions Contests
    April   -  ??tbd :: Yankee/Mountain Divisions Contests
    May 1-3 :: Sunrise Division Contests
    Oct 16-18 :: Fall District Convention

    2016 Convention Dates
    March 18-20 :: Int'l Prelims/Yankee/Mountain Divisions Contests
    April - TBA :: Granite Pine/Patriot
    May 6-8 ??tbd :: Sunrise Division Contests
    Oct 21-23 :: Fall District Convention
    New pricing for 2014 NED Conventions & Contests
    Approved Jan-2014 by the NED Board of Directors
    Please refer to the new NED
    Contest/Convention Pricing at the link:
    Contest & Convention PRICES
    Approved Jan-2014 by the NED Board
    Best Seat In The House!
    Unique Harmony Foundation Auction and Fund Raiser!
    Very COOL!  Harmony Foundation and the Contest & Judging program have teamed up to auction off a single seat at each & every contest session, including Division, District, Prelims, Mid-Winter and International contests.
    Check out  the "Best Seat In The House Video" staring LunchBreak's funny-man baritone and Harmony Foundation's National Development Officer, KJ McAleesejergins:
    The link to the auction website:
    Bid for a seat in the NED now!
    Bid for a seat in other districts!
    Go to Harmony Foundation page


    GENERAL NEEDS - Local Host Provides

    Transportation for judges to and from their arrival point(s).
    Van(s) for Friday and Saturday transportation of judges, VIPs, and their wives.If necessary, quartet transportation from dressing/warm-up rooms to competition site.
    Appoint one person to act as liaison between the Convention Team Judges Host and the van drivers. His job is to handle Judges and VIP transportation only.
    A machine to copy scoring summaries
    • Arrangements to have scoring summaries distributed.
    • Paper size will be determined once method of recording the scores is chosen.
    • Chapter to buy the paper (a different color for each session of the contests).
    • The District will reimburse the chapter.
    Maps showing the route from the hotel(s) to the contest site.
    Mike tester quartet for Friday Night (both Spring and Fall) and Saturday division contest (Spring only).The District Convention Team Chairman will arrange for a quartet if the chapter doesnt have a quartet to do the job.
    Will Local Host Chapter director be available to direct both anthems prior to the contest start on Friday night and K.T.W.W.S. on Saturday night? Consider asking the director of the District Chorus Champion to direct K.T.W.W.S. on Saturday night at the Spring and Fall Conventions.

    NEEDS AT CONTEST SITE - Provided by Local Host

    Tables and chairs set up in the orchestra area for the judges and practice panel as shown in Exhibit .
    Arrange to provide light refreshments in judges room during intermission on Friday night and Saturday afternoon only.
     Water for the judges tables.
     Podium for Master of Ceremony to be located on the same side of the stage as the Contest Administrators table and the quartet entrance.
    Risers for stage and, if necessary, a set of risers for the final warm-up room.
    A quartet shell.
    One table and two chairs set up near doors for ticket sales.
    Five tables set up in the lobby for NED Shed sales.
    Two tables set up in the lobby for Marketing/PR and/or Youth Outreach displays. Provide power to these two tables.
     Flood or spot lights, if necessary, to light the entire stage.
    Name cards on each room with the name of the contestant (chorus and/or quartet) assigned to the room. The rooms should be set in the order of appearance. Check with the Back Stage Coordinator. Also label the judges room, photography room, final warm-up room, and holding room.
     A person on Saturday afternoon to act as curtain puller for the contest, if necessary.
    Enough manpower to assist the Convention Team including arrangements to have enough men backstage after the contest on Saturday night to assist with the breakdown of risers and shell.
    Public sales registrations are to be forwarded to Local Host Chapter for pre-convention sales.Local Host Chapter Chairman should contact the District Convention Team Chairman to make arrangements to receive these registrations.
    Assign at least two members to the Competitors Room on Friday afternoon and evening and on Saturday morning and afternoon.
     Provide a sound system for the contest site.
    • Approval of the sound system must be obtained from the DVP-Events prior to any commitment for the system.
    • The system must be approved by the Contest Administrator prior to the start of the contests on the convention weekend.


    Manpower to run a successful convention.
    Masters of Ceremony for all events (except Division only contests)
    Registration cards completed for convention (Spring, Regional and Fall Conventions only)
    Programs for conventions (Spring, Regional and Fall Conventions only)
    • Local Host Chapter to prepare and provide programs for Division only contest (This is an expense that will be reimbursed by the District).
    • If Local Host Chapter decides to sell advertising for the program, the income (beyond the expenses of printing the programs) will remain with the Local Host Chapter.
    Single event registrations provided to Local Host Chapter approximately six (6) weeks prior to the convention.
    Judges signal system


    Upon satisfactory completion of the above responsibilities, the Local Host Chapter will receive the appropriate remuneration as outlined in the NED Operating Code. When necessary, the District Convention Team Chairman is empowered to modify any of the above Local Host Chapter responsibilities. The results of any changes must be in writing and agreed to by both the Convention Team Chairman and the Local Host Chapter Chairman. The amount of remuneration the Local Host Chapter receives for hosting the convention could be adjusted if the above needs are not provided. This adjustment will be made by the NED Board of Directors upon recommendation of the DVP-Events.

    2014 Spring Conventions & Contests
    Hosted By:
    Performance Venue:
    Friday & Saturday, March 21/22, 2014
    Nashua - Granite Statesmen Chorus
    Nashua High School North
    Nashua, New Hampshire
    More Information & Registration:
    HERE Now! <

    Hosted By:
    Performance Venue:
    Friday & Saturday, April 4/5, 2014
    Nashua, NH / Granite Statesmen
    Hollis/Brookline High School
    Hollis, New Hampshire
    SCORES & Other Information

    Hosted By:
    Friday & Saturday, May 2-3, 2014
    Dartmouth, NS - City of Lakes Chorus
    Park Place Hotel & Conv. Centre (Ramada Plaza)
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1X6
    More Information & Registration
    access via the Dartmouth, NS chapter web site


    2013 Fall District Convention & Contests
    October 18-20, 2013 - Westbrook, Maine
     2013 FALL Contest date & Location
    2013 Northeastern District
    Fall Convention & Contests
    Friday & Saturday, October 18-19
    Westbrook & Portland, Maine
     Hope to see YOU there!
    Northeastern District Convention Manual
         Revised 12/09/2007
    2013 NED District Contest Champions!
    Portland, ME - Congratulations to ALL!
    For Future Use!

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