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for CONTEST ENTRY for the

by invitation from the DVP-C&J
through the new

updated: Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018 @ 1700h

General Contestant Information:

Contest ENTRY at BHS ... OPENS Wednesday, August 15.
Watch here for more details/information on that date.

A. CONTEST & DATES – 2018 Fall District Contest

  • Open Entry Registration (by invitation) WEDNESDAY, August 15, 2018

  • Closing Date for Entry WEDNESDAY, September 26,2018

  • Contest Draws Sunday, September 30, 2018

  • Final Date to Pay Deposit for Evaluations POSTMARKED by Wednesday, October 17 (Quartets Only)

  • Quartet Semi-finals Friday, October 26, 2018

  • Chorus Finals Saturday, October 27, 2018

  • Quartet Finals Saturday, October 27, 2018


B. BHS Members (competing Chorus Contact or Quartet, VLQ Contact Person):

  1. Entry to the contests has already been issued by invitation only to qualifying competitor through Barberscore.com.

  2. Closing Entry Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at midnight.

  3. Quartets, Choruses and VLQs are responsible for properly and fully completing their Entry Form including the Title and correct Arranger for at least two songs for choruses and VLQs and at least four songs for quartets from which they may select their contest package(s). There is no limit to the number of songs that can be listed in the Repertory. All songs are entered through Barberscore.com. Songs can be added to the chorus/VLQ/quartet repertory until the day of the contest. REMEMBER THAT ALL CHORUSES, VLQs, AND QUARTETS MUST SING SONGS THAT ARE LISTED ON THEIR REPERTORY.

  4. The person(s) in your chorus, VLQ or quartet who will receive information from the District Contest & Judging Team regarding entry and other contest related information, will be the “official” contact person(s) based on information provided for your chorus, VLQ or quartet on your record in the BHS Member Center. Be certain that their contact information there is correct and that you have entered the correct contact person(s) when you complete your Entry on Barberscore.com. Your official contact person may include multiple persons. For quartets, it may be one or all of the members of the quartet. He is (they are) the only person(s) who will receive information for Entry, the only person(s) who will receive competitor information from the District Contest and Judging Team, and the only person(s) who will be able to complete or modify your entry in Barberscore.com.

  5. If you have any questions regarding completion of the Entry form in Barberscore.com, you should first contact:
    Alan Lamson – email him at janlam314@cox.net -or- phone him at (860) 647-9523

  6. All competitor information will come from: Jim Nolan – email him at jjnln@aol.com


C. NED Contestant Information:

Maps, schedules, and details for competitors will all go directly to the competitors contact person(s) from the District Contest & Judging Team through Jim Nolan.


D. Judging Panel – Fall 2018:

See below.  For descriptions of the judging categories (Music, Performance and Singing) refer to the BHS “Contest and Judging Handbook” on the Society’s website at:


Specific descriptions can be found on Page 5-1 (Music), 6-1 (Performance), and 7-1 (Singing).

  • Music - Judges in this category adjudicate the musical elements in the performance: melody, harmony, range, and tessitura; tempo and rhythm and meter; construction and form; and embellishments. They judge the extent to which the musical performance displays the hallmarks of the barbershop style, and the degree to which the musical performance demonstrates an artistic sensitivity to the music’s primary theme.

  • Performance - (formerly the "Presentation" category) - The new Performance Judge evaluates entertainment within the Barbershop style. Vocal and visual elements, in the context of the song choice/s, are evaluated for their contribution to the overall entertainment effect of the performance.

  • Singing - Judges in this category evaluate the degree to which the performer achieves artistic singing in the barbershop style: the production of vibrant, rich, resonant, technically accurate, and highly skilled sound, created both by the individual singer’s use of good vocal techniques, and by the ensemble’s process of tuning, balancing, unity of sound, and precision. They listen for a sense of precise intonation, a feeling of fullness or expansion of sound, a perception of a high degree of vocal skill, a high level of unity and consistency throughout the performance, and a freedom from apparent effort that allows the full communication of the lyric and song.

Each judge may award up to 100 points per song.

Judging Panel for Fall 2018:



CA     Alex Beamish – ONT
ACA   Don Stothard – SLD


Clay Hine DIX
Steve Jamison – MAD
Scott Kitzmiller – CAR


Joe Connelly – MAD/CSD
Steve Curulla – NSC
Brian O'Dell – JAD


Tim Brooks – DIX
Tim Reynolds – DIX
Chad St. John – JAD

Candidate Judges:  CA (2):  Paul Blazek – DIX  -and-  Linda Muise – NED
Candidate Judges:  Performance:   Jamie Bedford – FWD


E. Plateau Qualification – Fall 2018 (see table below)

F. Most Improved Qualification - Fall 2018 (see table below)

G. Seniors Quartet entry for International Seniors Quartet Qualification:

The entry for Seniors Quartets to qualify to represent the NED at the International Seniors Quartet Contest in Nashville, TN in January 2019, is an open entry.  Any Seniors Quartet in the Northeastern District may enter this contest whether you participated in the division contests or not and whether you did participate and did not achieve a qualifying score for the NED Fall Contest.  If your Seniors Quartet would like to participate this Fall and did not already receive an invitation to do so, you must contact Alan Lamson – NED DVP Contest & Judging, janlam314@cox.net or 860-647-9523 – to receive an invitation to enter in Barberscore.com.


F. Determination of District Novice Quartet Status – FALL 2018

To be eligible, a quartet must meet both of the following requirements (NED Operating Code, Paragraph 12.11):

  1. Be eligible to win the District Quartet Championship, and

  2. Contains no more than two (2) members who have competed at a district or higher level

NED Contestant Information - updated 10/24


Contest Performance VIDEO/AUDIO/PHOTO

ORDER the Media Package today! Proven HIGH QUALITY!


  • High Def Digital Video Professional recording. Single camera.

  • DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (DD) delivery of the contest set via Dropbox link.

  • Video DD files available within days after the contest weekend!

  • Computer (or equiv. device) and Internet connection required for delivery.

  • No DVDs will be produced.

  • EVERY competitor group (quartet/chorus) WILL BE recorded.

  • Audio Quality Assured. XLR feed from Audio Engineer. GREAT VIDEO!


  • Repeat: Audio Quality Assured. XLR feed from Audio Engineer.

  • Audio-only BONUS recording supplied separately.

  • Available post-sessions via EMAILED MP3 file or link. Email address needed!

  • Audio Quality Assured. XLR feed from Audio Engineer. I said that already. Very important!


  • Post-performance, while still on-stage, POSED Photos - 2-3 to pose/choose. Be prepared! Instructions will be provided.

  • All shots supplied later via download with video.

  • Full-size digital versions - from dual video camera captures - do whatever you want with them!

4. PHOTO - Performance:

  • Performance stills from video camera separately captured. ( Steve will also have his set of pictures. )

5.  DIRECTOR'S CAM:  Yes! A Directors'-Cam recording will be available to chorus directors only.

Order in advance, on-site, or post-event.  The sooner, the better!  Easier for all!

100% participation needed and anticipated. This is what makes it work.

Any questions?  Fire away. Contact STEVE SALAMIN

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Package Amount: $35 per competitor, quartet, VLQ or chorus, all performances. Pre-Sale Only.

  • NOTE: This is for competitor GROUPS only. NOT for the general public.

  • COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL restricts distribution. NOT for private YouTube or Facebook (etc.) publication/posting.


You Must Pre-Pay!  NO ORDERS or payments at the Contest!  ONE "CONTACT PERSON" per group orders this MEDIA PACKAGE at the NED Eventbrite Registration Site.  You may do so at YOUR registration checkout --- or do so separately.

----------------- Mike Kelly, M-AD Videographer -----------------
BHS Harmony University & BHS Harmony Foundation Videographer

Online ordering at Eventbrite has ended. You’re late. See below/next.

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SELECT HERE - 2018 FALL Contest MEDIA Pkg. - past deadline

Past deadline / post-event ordering …

• Performance Video via Dropbox - MP4
• Performance Stills - captured
• Posed, Post-Set, Formal Stills
• Chorus Director’s Cam
• Audio File - MP3

By Mike Kelly & Steve Salamin.

Adds to a Shopping Cart.



TABLES - NED Contestant Information


( In Alphabetical Order )


2018-District QUARTET Qualifiers-v2-scs.png

V.L.Q. Qualification:



2018-District CHORUS Qualifiers-v2-scs.png

Most Improved Qualification:

2018-District MIC_MIQ Qualifiers-v2-scs.png


(based on 12/31/17 membership totals)

2018-District-Chorus PLATEAU Qualifiers-v2-scs.png