1. CONTEST ENTRY via the Society / ALL …
(except Mixed Harmony & Youth Quartets, V-L-Qs. see below.)

Existing quartets and choruses will receive an invitation to enter the contests.  There is no longer the "CJ-20" format or a "CJ-20" process.   The invitation is automatically generated by the Barberscore.com program and sent to all registered quartets.  New quartets registering with the Society after January 1, 2019 should contact DVP-Contest and Judging, Alan Lamson, for information on entering the contests.

Contest Location ENTRY OPENS ENTRY CLOSES Contest
Eastern Regional Hyannis, MA Sunday, February 3, 2019 Wednesday, March 13, 2019 April 12-13, 2019
Western Regional Lake George, NY Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Wednesday, April 3, 2019 May 3-4, 2019
Sunrise Division Halifax, NS Wednesday, February 27, 2019 Wednesday, April 10, 2019 Saturday, May 11, 2019
Fall Convention Portland, ME early Sept. t b d October 25-27, 2019
v.1 - 1/14/2019

2. COMPETITOR REGISTRATION via the NED Eventbrite portal.
Go back to the regional Contest page (select above) & see REGISTRATION.

Event 1 - DONE! / EASTERN REGIONAL (Patriot and Granite & Pine Divisions)

2019 Eastern Regional Contest Judges

Ben Hawker
Paul Wigley

David Leeder
Mike Louque

Harry Haflett
Fred Womer

Contest Administrators:
CA:      Steve Tremper
ACA:    Randy Rensi
CACA: Linda Muise

Location: The Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis
Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA

Date:       April 12-13, 2019

10 NED Contests:

  • Patriot Division - quartets, chorus & VLQ contests

  • Granite/Pine Division - quartets, chorus & VLQ contests

  • District Mixed Harmony Barbershop Quartet Contest

  • District Youth Quartet Contest

Contest ENTRY at barberscore.com is CLOSED for Eastern contests.

Contest entry CLOSED on WEDNESDAY, 3/12/2019 at midnight.

Note: NED Quartet & Chorus contacts will receive an automated
invitation to enter your contest through Barberscore.com.

OOA - east2019.jpg

OOA - EASTERN - Official Order of Appearance — — —

Updated: Sunday, April 7 -


Event 2. NED 2019 WESTERN REGIONAL (Mountain and Yankee Divisions, Int’l. Prelims)

2019 Western Regional Contest Judges

Steve Armstrong - ONT
Jeff Taylor - ONT
Candidates - Melody Hine (DIX), Andrew Carolan (ONT)

John Mallett - ONT
Barry Towner - ONT
Candidate(s) - none

Rob Mance - CSD
Jordan Travis - ONT
Candidate(s) - none

Contest Administrators:
CA:  Rob Arnold - ONT
ACA:  Bill Vermue - ONT
Candidate(s) - none

Location: Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center
48 Canada Street, Lake George, NY

Date:       May 3-4, 2019

9 NED Contests:

  • Mountain Division - quartets, chorus & VLQ contests

  • Yankee Division - quartets, chorus & VLQ contests

  • International Quartet Prelims Contests

Contest ENTRY at barberscore.com is NOW CLOSED for Western contests.

Contest entry CLOSED on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 2019 at midnight.

Note: NED Quartet & Chorus contacts will receive an automated
invitation to enter your contest through Barberscore.com.

OOA - west2019.jpg

OOA - WESTERN Official Order of Appearance — — —

Updated: Wednesday, April 17 - v.1


Western Quartet OOA:

v.1 - 4/17

Mic Testers — ?

  1. Berkshire Blend

  2. Traveling Men

  3. Off The Chart

  4. Backstretch

  5. Chordination

  6. TMI

  7. Sway


  9. Just Wanna Sing

  10. Dead Ringers


  12. Daily Special

  13. Destination

  14. Puttin On The Fritz

  15. Greenlight

  16. The Remnants

  17. Up All Night

  18. Odds n' Ends

  19. Midtown

  20. Fireside

  21. Four Got It

  22. Drive

  23. Fusion

Western Chorus OOA:

v.1 - 4/17

Mic TESTER — Everyone in Harmony Chorus

  1. Danbury, CT - Mad Hatter Chorus

  2. Manchester, CT - Silk City Chorus

  3. Pittsfield, MA - Berkshire Hillsmen

  4. Saratoga Springs, NY - Racing City Chorus

  5. Burlington, VT - Green Mountain Chorus

  6. Schenectady, NY - Electric City Chorus

  7. Hartford, CT - Hartford Men in Harmony

  8. South Shore, QC - South Shore Saints

  9. Central CT - Connecticut Yankee Chorus

Western VLQ OOA:

  1. Pittsfield, MA - Moun-tone-aires

  2. Schenectady, NY - The Electricians

  3. Manchester, CT - Septimus Prime


2019 Sunrise Division Contest Judges

Andrew Carolan

Jon Kready

Ig Jakovac

Contest Administrator:
Woody Woods – RMD

Location: Prince Andrew High School
31 Woodlawn Road, Dartmouth, NS
Date:       May 11, 2019

4 NED Contests:

  • Sunrise Division - quartets, chorus & VLQ contests

Contest ENTRY at barberscore.com is NOW CLOSED for SUNRISE contests.

Contest entry CLOSED on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2019.

Note: NED Quartet & Chorus contacts will receive an automated
invitation to enter your contest through Barberscore.com.

OOA - sunr2019.jpg

OOA - SUNRISE Division Official Order of Appearance — — —

Sunrise Division
Quartet OOA:

  1. September Sound

  2. Euphonic Blend

  3. Four Young & Old

  4. Deadline

  5. Valley Harmony

  6. GALE Force

  7. Tapestry

  8. Crosswind

  9. Quatro

  10. 4 The Moment

Sunrise Division
Chorus OOA:

  1. Halifax, NS - Halifax Harmonizers

  2. Cape Breton, NS - Cape Breton Chordsmen

  3. Moncton, NB - Gentlemen of Harmony

  4. Saint John, NB - Men of Fundy

  5. Kentville, NS - Dukes of Kent

  6. Dartmouth, NS - City of Lakes Chorus

  7. St. John's, NL - Anchormen Chorus

Updated: Monday, April 29 - v.1

—About Contest Judging Categories—

Music -  Judges in this category adjudicate the musical elements in the performance: melody, harmony, range, and tessitura; tempo and rhythm and meter; construction and form; and embellishments. They judge the extent to which the musical performance displays the hallmarks of the barbershop style, and the degree to which the musical performance demonstrates an artistic sensitivity to the music’s primary theme.

Performance - (formerly the "Presentation" category) - The new-in-2016 Performance Judge evaluates entertainment within the Barbershop style. Vocal and visual elements, in the context of the song choice/s, are evaluated for their contribution to the overall entertainment effect of the performance.

Singing  -  Judges in this category evaluate the degree to which the performer achieves artistic singing in the barbershop style: the production of vibrant, rich, resonant, technically accurate, and highly skilled sound, created both by the individual singer’s use of good vocal techniques, and by the ensemble’s process of tuning, balancing, unity of sound, and precision. They listen for a sense of precise intonation, a feeling of fullness or expansion of sound, a perception of a high degree of vocal skill, a high level of unity and consistency throughout the performance, and a freedom from apparent effort that allows the full communication of the lyric and song.

Each judge may award up to 100 points per song.


Contest Performance VIDEO-AUDIO-PHOTO


ORDER the value --Total Media Package—


  • High Def Digital Video Professional recording. Single camera.

  • DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (DD) delivery of the contest set via Dropbox link.

  • Video DD files available within days after the contest weekend!

  • Computer (or equiv. device) and Internet connection required for delivery.

  • No DVDs will be produced.

  • EVERY competitor group (quartet/chorus) WILL BE recorded.

  • Audio Quality Assured. XLR feed from Audio Engineer. GREAT VIDEO!


  • Repeat: Audio Quality Assured. XLR feed from Audio Engineer.

  • Audio-only BONUS recording supplied separately.

  • Available post-sessions via EMAILED MP3 file or link. Email address needed!

  • Audio Quality Assured. XLR feed from Audio Engineer. I said that already. Very important!


  • Post-performance, while still on-stage, POSED Photos - 2-3 shots. Be prepared! Instructions will be provided.

  • All shots supplied later in the following week, via download as announced.

  • Full-size digital versions available - separately - upon request.

4. PHOTO - Performance:

  • While performing! 1–90 shots, depends on what YOU are showing us!

  • All shots supplied later in the following week, via download as announced.

  • Full-size digital versions available - separately - upon request.

  • Performance stills - Eastern and Western - by Steve only. Challenging venue/stage, fyi.

5.  DIRECTOR'S CAM:  Yes! A Directors'-Cam recording will be available to chorus directors - no extra charge!

PLEASE! Order in advance, via competitor registration for YOUR contest at Eventbrite. 100% participation allows us to continue to offer this GREAT value!

Package Amount: $35 per competitor, quartet or chorus, plus fee, for all performances. In advance only.

  • NOTE: This is for competitor GROUPS only. NOT for the general public.

  • COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL restricts distribution. NOT for private YouTube or Facebook (etc.) publication/posting.


You must PRE-PAY.  NO ORDERS or payments at, or after, the Contest!

ONE "CONTACT PERSON" per group orders this MEDIA PACKAGE at the NED Eventbrite Registration Site.  You may do so at YOUR registration checkout --- or do so separately.

These services provided by:

  • Mike Kelly from the M-AD, for the Spring Eastern Contests

  • F. Cavone Productions, of Lake George, for the Spring Western Contests

Any questions?  Fire away. Contact: Steve Salamin - Marketing

Western C&C: Order/Buy Online at
Eventbrite now at $35 + no fee.
Ended Wednesday, May 1 at midnight.

WESTERN C&C: No orders at contest. After 5/1
at midnight, the package price is $55 and no fee.

Plateau & Small Chorus Qualification - Spring 2019

(based on 12/31/18 membership totals)

  NORTHEASTERN DISTRICT 2019 - Membership Levels for Contests  
  (Based on 12/31/18 membership received from BHS)  
  Plateau AAA - 65 or more members  
  K015 Portland, ME 76 K025 Concord, MA 66                    
  Plateau AA - 31 to 64 members  
  K040 Keene, NH 40 K022 Lowell, MA 32 K044 Schenectady, NY 38 K031 Cape Breton, NS 41 K003 Hartford, CT 31  
  K050 Hanover, NH 38 K033 Beverly, MA 42 K048 Burlington, VT 44 K042 St. John's, NL 33 K006 Danbury, CT 34  
  K056 Nashua, NH 57 K038 Worcester, MA 55 K067 Saratoga Springs, NY 45 K053 Halifax, NS 39 K062 Manchester, CT 61  
  K068 Concord, NH 34 K046 Providence, RI 58       K063 Dartmouth, NS 38        
  Plateau A - 30 or fewer members (Great Small Chorus eligible)  
  K014 Brunswick, ME 30 K027 Natick, MA 24 K045 Greater Montreal, QC 29 K013 Saint John, NB 24 K001 Bridgeport, CT 24  
  K026 Bangor, ME 23 K029 New Bedford, MA 14 K059 Troy, NY 8 K075 Moncton, NB 24 K005 Central, CT 21  
  K039 Waterville, ME 26 K034 Scituate, MA 27 K072 Pittsfield, MA 22 K095 Kentville, NS 27 K009 Norwich, CT 11  
  K041 Laconia, NH 24 K054 Cape Cod, MA 29 K080 Plattsburg, NY 21 K098 Fredericton, NB 14 K010 Enfield, CT 4  
  K106 Dover, NH 18       K082 South Shore, QC 21       K012 Waterbury/Derby, CT 18  
                          K062 New London, CT 10  
                          K974 Poughkeepsie, NY 25  

Most Improved Qualification - Spring 2019 - Chorus & Quartet

  Choruses and Quartets Eligible for Most-Improved in Spring 2019  
  v.2 - 3/6/2019  
[panel size]
  Chapter 2018
  Quartet 2018
  Granite & Pine[3]   Portland, ME 879 879   Odds n Ends 909/303 909/303  
    Nashua, NH 849 849   Parts Unknown 839/283 839/283  
    Hanover, NH 744 744   Inside Track 802/263 802/263  
        Pop-Pop and the Boys 789/267 789/267  
      B.A.S.S.Q 761/255 761/255  
      Clef Hangers of Hanover 761/248 761/248  
      The Capital Four 711/233 711/233  
      Common Time 671/222 671/222  
  Mountain[2]   Saratoga Springs, NY 807 807   Chordination 844 844  
    Burlington, VT 767 767   Backstretch 793 793  
    Schenectady, NY 737 737   RECYCLED PARTS 785 785  
    South Shore, QC 736 736   The Young and the Ageless 762 762  
    Pittsfield, MA 735 735   The Remnants 760 760  
        Revisions 739 739  
      Berkshire Blend 724 724  
      FORGETTABLE 4 681 681  
      Four Got It 508 508  
  Patriot[3]   Providence, RI 912 912   Daily Special 897 897  
    Lowell, MA 810 810   Mansion Vocal Band 850 850  
    Cape Cod, MA 771 771   Fireside 832 832  
    Worcester, MA 764 764   Deadline 823 823  
    Natick, MA 760 760   League of Ordinary Gentlemen 810 810  
    Beverly, MA 530 530   Alben and the Hip Monks 796 796  
        Express Lane 795 795  
      Pickup Stix 782 782  
      The Essex County 4 763 763  
      Shore Thing 746 746  
      OBSIDIAN 743 743  
      Seven Hills Four 710 710  
      Friends & Family 710 710  
      Boston Light 701 701  
      Take The Fifth 668 668  
  Sunrise[1]   Cape Breton, NS 381 381   GALE Force 381 381  
    Saint John, NB 380 380   Peaches and Cream 378 378  
    Halifax, NS 374 374   Crosswind 362 362  
    Dartmouth, NS 370 370   Valley Harmony 361 361  
    Moncton, NB 361 361   B Sharp Musical Society 361 361  
    Kentville, NS 357 357   fourfathers 345 345  
  Yankee[2]   Manchester, CT 844 844   Greenlight 905 905  
    Danbury, CT 800 800   Destination 869 869  
    Central, CT 791 791   Fusion 864 864  
    Poughkeepsie, NY 782 782   Puttin' On the Fritz 787 787  
    Hartford, CT 687 687   TMI 779 779  
        King Arthur's Court 770 770  
      Off The Chart 770 770  
      I Don't Know Why 762 762  
      Late Risers 757 757  
      Hartford Harmonics 756 756  
      CT Chord Company 719 719  
      Dover Boys 678 678  
      The Four Reasons 655 655  
  2019 Scores based on double panel conversion from 2018 scores and retaining the single panel in Sunrise  

Determination of Division Novice Quartet Status

A quartet must meet all seven of the following requirements: (NED Operating Code, Paragraph 9.4.3):

  1. Have at least two quartet members who have never competed in a District Quartet Contest, and

  2. Have at least two quartet members who have never competed in a Society Preliminary Contest, and

  3. Have at least two quartet members who have never won any quartet contest at the division level (quartet champion, novice quartet champion, seniors quartet champion), and

  4. Have no more than one quartet member who has won any District quartet championship, and

  5. Have no more than one quartet member who has qualified for the Society's International Quartet competition, and

  6. Have no more than two quartet members who have completed at a higher-level contest (district or International), and

  7. Have no quartet members who have won Society Quartet Contest medals.

Instructions for Entering A Contest - See Below


(This will only be held at the Eastern Regional Convention on APRIL 12-13, 2019)

  1. All members of a Mixed Harmony Quartet must be members of The Barbershop Harmony Society, Harmony, Inc., Sweet Adelines, Inc., or be an Associate of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

  2. The Quartet and members of the Quartet must be members of the Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association.  See this link:

  3. Learn two (2) songs.

  4. See ENTRY guidelines below…

Instructions for Entering A Contest - See below

Rules for the NED YOUTH QUARTET CONTEST – Spring 2019

(This will only be held at the Eastern Regional Convention on APRIL 12-13, 2019)

  1. Form your foursome (4 guys), maximum age of 25 as of April 12, 2019.

  2. Learn two (2) songs.

  3. To ENTER the contest, contact the NED VP - Contest & Judging, Alan Lamson, by email: (select) Alan Lamson
    or other assistance, email Brian O’Leary at shorttenor@gmail.com

  4. Come to the EASTERN Regional Convention at Hyannis - and Rock The House!

  5. All of the normal rules of quartet competition will apply to this contest.


Instructions to ENTER The Following Contests

  • Any Division V-L-Q contest

  • YOUTH Quartet Contest

  • MIXED Harmony Quartet Contest

Because VLQs (Very Large Quartets), Mixed Harmony Quartets, and some Youth Quartets are not ‘registered’ (unless they have previously registered in 2018) with the Barbershop Harmony Society, those groups must be manually entered by the Society Contest and Judging Committee into the Barberscore.com database before those groups can enter any of these contests.

To allow that to happen, please provide the following information to Brian O’Leary (shorttenor@gmail.com) who will provide you with assistance in getting your VLQ/Quartet ‘registered’.

  • Official group name

  • Location (City, State/Province)

  • Contact person (Full name and email. If that person is a BHS member or BHS Associate, provide the BHS ID number)

  • For quartets and VLQs (Name of each singer and voice part. If that person is a BHS member or BHS Associate provide the BHS ID number)

  • For Mixed Harmony Quartets entering the BHS/NED contest for District Champion (name of each singer and voice part, BHS ID number of each member)

  • For Mixed Harmony Quartets entering the MBHA contest for the MBHA District trophy and qualifying score for the World Mixed Harmony Championships to be held in the Spring of 2020 in Germany (name of each singer and voice part, MBHA ID number of each singer and of the quartet).

Entering your VLQ or quartet into the Barberscore.com database can take up to five days.

Please leave yourself enough time to allow that to happen and allow you the time needed to then enter the appropriate contest before the entry deadline.

Alan Lamson
NED DVP-Contest & Judging