District Barbershopper of the Year


This award is presented to an individual who has done outstanding work in promoting Harmony on a District and/or Society level. It can also be presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the work of the district.

The recipient of this award is chosen by a committee consisting of the Immediate Past District Barbershopper of the Year, who will serve as Chairman, and two past recipients of the same award. All district members in good standing are eligible for this award and it shall be the duty of the selection committee to actively solicit nominations from throughout the district. (Op. 12.2)

District Barbershopper of the Year (DBOTY)
 Year   Member  Chapter
2018 Doug Schofield Cape Breton, NS
Dartmouth, NS
2017 Edward Fritzen, Jr. Manchester, CT
2016 Dan Costello Concord, MA
2015 Antonio Lombardi Providence, RI
2014 Roger Menard Nashua, NH
2013 Steve Salamin Keene, NH
2012 Mike Maino Providence, RI
2011 Steve Tramack Nashua, NH
2010 Walt Lane Schenectady, NY (2014)
2009 Steve Isherwood Lincoln. RI
2008 Michael Klein Lowell, MA
2007 Scott Domaratius Concord,MA
2006 Cotton Damon   Brunswick, ME
2005 Ian Ferguson Dartmouth, NS  
2004 Jim Dodge  Portsmouth, NH
2003 Murray Phillips & Steve Wheaton Montreal, QC
2002 John Rusk  Pittsfield, MA
2001 Jim Nolan  Manchester, CT
2000 David McFarland  Worcester, MA
1999 Alan Lamson  Manchester, CT
1998 Greg Caetano  Concord, MA and Hudson, MA
1997 Paul Arnone Beverly, MA
1996 Andy Pratt  Saratoga Springs, NY
1995 John Austin (posthumous)  Burlington, VT
1994 The Management (quartet),
Larry Bean Dodge (contact)
Providence, Portland,
Frank Thorne
1993 Stephen C. Plumb Poughkeepsie, NY
1992 William Ragusa Canton
1991 Brian O'Leary Providence
1990 Jim Kissack Providence
1989 Vin Zito Meriden
1988 Don Flom Schenectady
1987 Everett Nau Concord MA
1986 Frank Lanza  Providence
1985 Joe Kopka Frank Thorne (2014)
1984 Sam Segal Concord MA
1983 Terry Clarke Scituate, MA (2014)
1982 Ernie Johansen  Concord, MA
1981 Mike Strianese Hamden
1980 Wally Mance  St..Laurent
1979 Dick Young Laconia
1978 J.Curtis Roberts  Hartford
1977 Roland LeClerc  Waterbury
1976 Dave Brooks  Reading-Wakefield
1975 Dick O'Connell Concord MA
1974 Roy Hayward Worcester
1973 Ronnie Menard Nashua
1972 Dick Meinsen Hamden
1971 Dick Ellenberger Schenectady
1970 Richard "Doc" Sause Central, CT (2014)
1969 Lou Perry Boston
1968 Al Maino Providence

District Barbershopper of the Half Century

Lou Perry

Awarded in 1996 at the Golden Anniversary Celebration


District Barbershopper of Distinction
Year Member(s) Chapter
2018 Dianne Brooks
Marshall Wagner
Bob Bradley
Nashua, NH
Concord, MA
Danbury, CT
2017 John Englander
David Patterson
Nashua, NH
Concord, MA
2016 Lee Daum
Kirk Young
Concord, MA
Concord, NH
2014 Joe Kopka
Doug MacLean
Roger Menard
Frank Thorne
Bedford-Sackville & Halifax, NS
Nashua, NH
2010 Peter Sajko
Scott Salladin
John McE.
Concord, NH
Poughkeepsie, NY
NED Frank Thorne
2008 Steve Isherwood
Patrick & Patricia Ulman
Joe Kopka  
Providence, RI
Nashua, NH
Frank Thorne Chapter
2007 Steve Salamin Keene, NH
2006 Dan Robillard
Jeff Forman
Worcester, MA
Nashua, NH, Providence, RI
2005 Doug Maclean  Halifax, NS
2002 Jim Dodge
Scott Salladin 
Portsmouth, NH
Poughkeepsie, NY
2001 Gerald Farrel 
Rod Rodrigues 
Cape Breton, NS
Providence, RI
1999 Mike Maino
Norm Mendenhall 
Providence, RI
Saratoga Springs, NY
1998 David McFarland
Fred Moore 
Portland, ME
1997 Bruce Checca  Saratoga Springs, NY
1993 Ralph Morehouse  Dartmouth, NS
1991 Ian Flemming Halifax, NS
1990 Steve Wheaton Stanbridge East, QC
1989 Leo Larivee Wellesley, MA
1982 W.H. Champion (Hartie)
Douglas Schofield  
Dartmouth, NS
Truro, NS
1981 Eric Peters  Moncton, NB
1978 Donald Duncan  Halifax, NS
1976 Charles (Chuck) Walper Saint John, NB
1974 Henry (Hank) Fisher  Truro, NS
1973 Hubert (Hubie) Atkinson Fredericton, NB

District Barbershopper of Distinction


This award is presented to an individual or individuals who have done substantial work in promoting Harmony on a District and/or Society level. It can also be presented to an individual or individuals who have made substantial contributions to the work of the District.

The recipient(s) of this award will be chosen by the same committee established to select the District Barbershopper of the Year.  All Society members in good standing are eligible for this award. It shall be the duty of the selection committee to actively solicit nominations from throughout the District.

Chapter President of the Year
Year Member Chapter
2018 (tbd)  
2017 Jack Gardiner Sydney, NS
2016 Harald Sandstrom Hartford, CT
2015 Mike Soper Portland, ME
2014 Don Hewey Worcester, MA
2013 Danny Anderson Danbury, CT
2012 Jim Kew Manchester, CT

The Alan Lamson
Chapter President of the Year  Award

Awarded and presented to an individual who best exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding chapter president. It is presented each year at the Fall District Convention during the Saturday night award presentations, for the previous years' achievements.

Past International Presidents
(from the NED)
Year International President
2011-2012 Alan Lamson
1975-1976 Richard Ellenberger
1955-1956 Art Merrill
1942-1944 Harold Staab
1941-1942 Carroll Adams

Past Society/International
Presidents from the NED


Past District Presidents

Northeastern District - PRESIDENTS
38 2018- Ed Fritzen, Jr. 19 1980-81*  Wally Mance
37 2016-2017 Guy Haas 18 1978-79  Ronald Menard 
36 2014-2015 Murray Phillips 17 1976-77  J. Curtis Roberts 
35 2012-2013 Michael Klein 16 1974-75  Richard O'Connell
34 2010-2011 Roger Menard 15 1973*     George Chamberlain
33 2008-2009  Walt Lane  14 1971-72*  Richard Pierpont
32 2006-2007  Leo Ouelette 13 1969-70*  Richard Meinsen
31 2005       Greg Caetano  12 1967-68  F. Richard Ellenberger 
30 2003-2004  Alan Lamson  11 1965-66*  Alfred Maino
29 2001-2002   Arthur Lively  10 1963-64*  Richard Hawes
28 1999-2000  Robert Guiggey  9 1961-62*  D. William Fitzgerald
27 1997-98  Paul Arnone  8 1960** Demos MacDonald
26 1995-96  Brian O'Leary  7 1959-60 Donald Dobson
25 1991-94  Bill Ferrigno  6 1958-59*  H. Randolph Blandford
24 1990-91*  John Austin 5 1956-58  D. Stephen Dickinson 
23 1988-89  Edward J. "Jim" Kissack  4 1954-56*  Edward Stetson
22 1986-87  Ernest Johansen  3 1952-54*  Charles Ricketts
21 1984-85  David McFarland 2 1950-52*  William Hinkley
20 1982-83*  Richard Young 1 1946-48 Harold Staab
* = deceased / ** = partial year        

International Bulletin Editor of the Year

1976   /  Harry Gault/   New London/  "Sea Notes"

district bulletin editor of the year

district bulletin editor of the year

District Bulletin Editor of the Year

This award is presented to the editor of the bulletin which is named the best in the district. Any chapter bulletin is eligible to enter the contest in accordance with the District Operating Code and the Society's Contest Rules. The editor of the bulletin which is chosen the winner of the District Bulletin Contest is the winner of this award.



Chapter Membership Award

Bill LeFort Memorial Trophy

This award is presented to the chapter which achieves the largest net increase in membership in a calendar year. All chapters chartered on January 1 of the measurement period are eligible for this award. The Membership Report prepared by the Society Office at the end of each calendar year will be used to determine the winner of this award.

This award is a traveling trophy which was presented to the District in memory of Bill LeFort, a member of the former Attleboro, Massachusetts chapter.


Harmony Foundation Awards

Alton P. Rancourt Memorial Trophy

Services Volunteer of the Year

  1998   /   Eric Ruthenberg   /  Concord, NH

The "Tommy Spirito" NED Patriot Division
Barbershopper of the Year Award

Presented by: Concord, MA Chapter, SPEBSQSA

(Spirit of the award?  Maker?  History?  Image of plaque or trophy?  We need more info, so any details YOU could provide, is welcome!  Please email the webmaster!)

The "Tommy Spirito"
NED Patriot Division
Barbershopper of the Year Award
Presented by: Concord, MA Chapter, SPEBSQSA
Recipient, Chapter
2018 Paul Lapenas, Worcester, MA
2017 —not done
2016 —not done
2015 —not done
2014 Don Carlson, Worcester, MA
2013 Antonio Lombardi, Providence, RI
2012 Bill Mitchell, Worcester, MA
2011 Dan Costello, Concord, MA
2010 Tony Benevides, New Bedford, MA
2009 John "Jack" Dowd, Beverly, MA
2008 Steve Isherwood, Providence, RI
2007 John Fahey, Boston, MA
2006 Michael Klein, Lowell, MA
2005 Daniel Washington, Beverly, MA
2004 Scott Domaratius, Concord, MA
2003 Ed Dunne, Natick, MA
2002 The 'Self' Team: Bob Kelly,
Ray Deschamps, Jack Donavan,
Bob Dunning, Beverly, MA
2001 Bob Shapiro, Lowell, MA
2000 Brian O'Leary, Beverly, MA
1999 Ernie Johansen, Concord, MA
1998 Fred Moore, Leominster, MA
1997 Frank Charbonneu, Scituate, MA
1996 Bob Guiggey, Beverly, MA
1995 Rick Barry, Lowell, MA
1994 Wally Arvidson, Framingham, MA
1993 Paul Arnone, Beverly, MA
1992 Ken Carter, Concord, MA

Non-official, now-official, "Bottom of the Page" Award
   (web page, that is)

Stardate 2015-0315

Well, here you are.
Bottom of the "Hall of Fame" page! Thanks for making it here!

At this point in the whole structure of all-things IT (that's "Information Technology" for you young-ones), I would be severely remiss if I, personally, and on behalf of the current and past leadership of the NED, did not recognize the amazing dedication and commitment of TWO tireless individuals.

I hereby acknowledge and would to extend oodles of gratitude to:

M."Rod" Rodrigues  &  Fred Kingsbury



Both originally from the Providence chapter, Rod has since migrated to the warmth of Florida. (Lucky guy!) Fred continues today, singing with fortitude in the Narragansett Bay Chorus , while his day job continues with new ColdFusion parent company, PaperThin Corp.

I have a new appreciation of the incredible amount of work these two men donated to our causes by volunteering to be the "webmasters" of the NED, beginning in 1998.  Wow!

Honorable mention must be granted to Rod's nephew, Michael, who has been the "hardware" guy - providing the actual server on which the District and many chapters were stored and hosted - all at no charge - for all these years.

Thank you Gentlemen.  For a job more than well-done.  You set the bar very high.

~ steve salamin
march 15, 2015
keene, new hampshire


Cold Fusion - CMS for the NED since 1938.

Cold Fusion - CMS for the NED since 1938.