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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Upcoming Seniors Chorus rehearsals ... 2019 Spring

"Western" rehearsal:  Saturday, March 9th, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. at... Arts On The Lake, 640 NY-52, Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512

"Eastern" rehearsal:  Saturday, March 30th, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. at... St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 3 Maple Street, Framingham, MA

NED Senior Chorus / Newsletter - January 10, 2019

GOOD NEWS!  The dates, locations and venues for the March rehearsals have been secured.  As planned, one rehearsal will in the western part of the District and one will be in the east.  The details are listed below.  Thank you for participating in the online poll... that helped determine when the most people would be able to attend, east or west. Both rehearsals will be at the same locations as last year.

Deciding which dates were best for the most people was very difficult.  Identifying “GUYS” as to their general geographic location was fairly easy...  you were east-ish or west-ish or in between-ish.  Be that as it may, there was no combination of availability and dates which accommodated everyone.  Unfortunately, a couple “GUYS” will miss out.  With so many moving parts, that result could not be avoided.  Sorry about that.

BTW - Just so there's no confusion, the dates for these March rehearsals are in no way connected to, or associated with the Eastern or Western NED Regional Contests and Conventions.  

I'll be posting information soon regarding future rehearsals along with tentative plans for our performances at the fall District Convention, once again, in Portland, Maine.

Don't forget to talk about the Seniors Chorus among your buddies.  There's still plenty of room on the risers.

"Western" rehearsal:  Saturday, March 9th, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. at...

Arts On The Lake, 640 NY-52, Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512

In New York state, take exit 18 off I-84.  The site is right off the Interstate, very near the interchange. This community Arts Center (a converted fire station) was started by Bob Bradley, NED Events VP.  He was instrumental in securing this venue for us, at no cost to us.  One clap for Bob.

"Eastern" rehearsal:  Saturday, March 30th, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. at...

St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 3 Maple Street, Framingham, MA

Rte. 9 east from I-495. This is where the Natick Chapter meets. Since this is a courtesy to NEW SOUND ASSEMBLY, there is no fee for the use of the hall.  However, we ask each guy attending the rehearsal to please bring canned goods for the local Food Pantry.

NED Senior Chorus / Newsletter - August 16, 2018

Hi “GUYS” – First off, I’d like to thank the 17 GUYS who participated in the rehearsal in Worcester.  I was very happy to see that everyone was prepared and owned the songs.  It sounded great.  And with a "little" reminding, along with "a few" choreo cues, it looked pretty good.  The rehearsal was very productive and very heartening.

We also got “sized up” with shirts.  Using the info sent in, I will be able to “size up” those who weren’t there.  I’ll place the order for the shirts in the next few days.  When they arrive, they’ll get the logo embroidered.  With the suggestions given, the price of the embroidery may go up a little from the original $8.00 (each) price.  When all the shirts arrive and the embroidery is completed, I’ll total-up all the costs and average out the per person price.  I’ll see if we can get some financial help from the District.  But, I don’t think we’ll see that happen.

As you perhaps noticed, this email did not come from the usual and customary source… it came from my own personal gmail account.  As we move forward, please use this email address ( ) to communicate with me.

I have received requests as to what the schedule will be for our performance at District in Portland.  Here’s the rough schedule for Saturday evening.  Following the NEDAC Show, the “District Seniors Chorus” will take to the risers and perform our 2-song set for the judging panel.  We will be scored.  Following our performance, the Quartet Finals will commence.  Here’s the Saturday evening schedule (which just came out)…

  • 7:00 PM --- 8:00 PM: NEDAC Show of Champions

  • 8:00 PM --- 8:10 PM: District Seniors Chorus FINALS

  • 8:10 PM --- 9:30 PM: -----District QUARTET FINALS -----

Following the Quartet Finals, we will receive our evaluation.  Since this round is for quartets, for logistical purposes, the chorus will be represented by four people... myself, Diane and two others.

With our performance scheduled to start at 8:00 p.m., the “District Seniors Chorus” will be gathering no later than 6:30 for warmup and rehearsal.  As we get closer to the NEDCON weekend, we’ll find out what specific room we’ll be assigned.

As of now, shirts will be distributed when we gather Saturday evening.

One last thing, following our performance at District, we'll be replacing "Almost Like Being In Love."  I have several in mind, but I'm not quite sure what the new song will be.  I'll keep you posted.  David Patterson <>

NED Senior Chorus / Newsletter - March 30, 2018

First, let me say "Thank you" to the 11 GUYS who attended last Sunday's rehearsal.  You fellas really sounded great.  I was really encouraged and impressed when the entire ensemble started out without holding music in their hands.  Well, we know what happened next... some guys discovered that the notes on their printed music "moved around a little bit," and they have to check the printed music to be sure they change, AGAIN!

Also, "Thank you" to Bob Bradley for setting this up and making the facility available.

I'm writing to you about three things.

First...  Diane has made a couple small changes to the PERformance plans to both songs.  The changes are notated in red.  Attached are the updated plans.  I also uploaded the updated plan to the Google shared-drive.

Second...  I have gotten the green light to begin shopping around for a uniform shirt we can wear when we perform.  It looks like the District will probably be able to send some dollars our way to fund this.  I don't think we'll get full funding, so, there's a good chance that each individual will have to pay for some part of the purchase price.  The shirt will be long-sleeve with a button-down collar.

That means, I need the following information from each of you...

  1. Size: What size T-shirt do you wear? Like... medium, large, XL, XXL. Also, indicate if you are a "tall" or "long."

  2. Neck size

  3. Sleeve length

Diane and I are working on a logo which will be embroidered on the shirt.  So, PUH-LEEZ send me this info right away.  I'd like to be able to distribute the shirts at the rehearsal we have planned for HCNE/HXNE in August.  The rest of the uniform will be...  

-- Black dress pants or chinos.  No black jeans.  No tux pants. 
-- Black dress shoes.  No sneakers.  No casual canvas or cloth shoes.
-- Black belt and black sox.
-- No suspenders!  So, be sure you order the correct size shirt and be sure your black dress pants fit PROPERLY.

Third...  I know it seems early, but I need to get a sense of how many GUYS intend to be onstage when we perform at the District Convention in October.  If you know for sure you cannot be there, please let me know, SOON.  Everyone else, please confirm that you intend to be there.  I understand... something might come up and you can't be there.  But, at least, right now, you intend to be there. 

We have three scheduled rehearsals before we perform in October.  I fully realize that everyone cannot attend all three rehearsals.  However, it's gettin' to be crunch-time... it's time to pay off your IOUs.  I think it's totally appropriate to make this request... If you plan to be active in the Seniors Chorus and you intend to perform with the Chorus in October, you must attend at least one of the remaining rehearsals.  So, along with your response to me regarding whether or not you'll be onstage in October, please let me know what rehearsals you plan to attend.  I don't think this request is too much to ask.

NED Senior Chorus / Newsletter - February, 2018: [as PDF: here]

Calling All Seniors!  At the BHS Mid-Winter Convention in San Antonio in January, 2017, the Society introduced a new event… a Seniors Chorus Festival.  For this inaugural event, the Society allowed five seniors choruses to participate and they performed to a very large, very enthusiastic audience.  I was there… it was a splendid affair.  The most fun part of the Chorus Festival was seeing and hearing seniors choruses performing intermingled with youth choruses.  It was an uplifting experience.

As a result of the obvious success of this event, NED President, Guy Haas and Executive VP, Ed Fritzen, decided to pursue the possibility of forming a Seniors Chorus to represent the NorthEastern District.  They asked me to be the Director and to work with Ed to get this venture moving forward.  So, with no blueprint, with no guidelines available, we started in the spring of 2017.  I chose two songs and we started recruiting members with the intent to perform in the Chorus Festival at Mid-Winter in Costa Mesa, California in January, 2018.  The name of the NED’s Seniors Chorus is “GUYS WHO CAN DRIVE AT NIGHT.”   

Well, as the saying goes, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”  In late spring, 2017, as few as 10 Districts had decided to field a seniors chorus with the intent to perform in the Chorus Festival at Mid-Winter in Costa Mesa, California in January, 2018.  This overwhelming response created quite a logjam.  So, BHS decided to step in and gain control of the situation.  As a result, the Seniors Chorus Program was formed.  The two mucky-mucks running the program are Donny Rose, from BHS HQ, and Doug Smeltz, from Johnny Appleseed District.

A plan was devised to give all 16 Districts an equal opportunity to participate in future Mid-Winter Chorus Festivals.  The result of the change-of-plans is this… NED’s eligibility has been assigned to the Chorus Festival at Mid-Winter in 2020.  Unfortunately, BHS has not yet announced the location of Mid-Winter in January, 2020.  We won’t know the location until later this year.

I know… January, 2020, seems a long ways off.  But, instead of shelving the whole project for a year, or more, we decided to keep moving ahead; to continue recruiting members, to continue rehearsing and to continue to improve.

The two songs in our repertoire are, “Almost Like Being In Love” and “Being With You.”  Diane Patterson, our Performance Coach, has developed performance plans for both songs.  Learning tracks, the printed music and the performance plans are available on a shared Google Drive.  

There are only two requirements.  Unlike Drum Corps, where members “age out,” you can “age in” to the Seniors Chorus… you must be at least 55 years-of-age by the date of the Mid-Winter performance, January, 2020.  Also, all men must meet typical BHS guidelines for contest entry (membership, event registration, etc.).

Even though we are eligible to perform at Mid-Winter in January, 2020, we must first qualify.  To meet that requirement, the Seniors Chorus must perform their 2-song package in front of the Judging Panel present for the NED Fall Contests in October, 2019.  Our combined scores must average 61 or higher.  Our onstage performance will NOT be part of the District Chorus Contest (our scores will not be published).  Rather, we will probably perform in front of the judges Saturday evening, just before the Quartet Final starts.

Here are the next scheduled rehearsals for 2018...

  • Saturday, March 10, 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 3 Maple Street, Framingham, MA

  • Sunday, March 25, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. at Arts On The Lake, 640 NY-52, Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512

  • Sunday, April 22, at Holiday Inn, 9 Northeastern Blvd, Nashua, NH, (tentatively) 9:30 a.m. to 12-noon

  • Sunday, May 6, at Courtyard By Marriott, 365 Canada St, Lake George, NY, (tentatively) 9:30 to 12-noon

  • (tentative) Saturday, August 4, 2018 at HCNE/HXNE, Worcester State University, Worcester, MA

To help get focused on our future plans and to raise the level of expectation, we will plan to perform in front of the Judging Panel at this year's District Fall Convention, weekend of October 27, 2018, in Portland/Westbrook, Maine.  Even though we wouldn't be performing for a qualifying score, this will be an excellent opportunity to get scored and receive evaluations of our performance.  This will also give us a target-date so we can bring everything together for a real-live performance, rather than waiting another year for a one-time shot.  So, with this new goal/challenge in mind, we will raise the level of expectation by being off-paper on both songs in time for the rehearsal at the Eastern Regional (April 22, 2018).  More on this as we move forward.

Currently, there are no financial obligations.  The District funded the acquisition of music and learning tracks of the two songs.  As we move forward, we will be looking at getting some matching apparel in time for our performance this coming October.  When that comes up, all chorus members will be asked to pay.
Our membership stands at 35… 3 Tenors, 11 Leads, 9 Baritones, 11 Basses and 1 Director.

There is plenty of room on the risers for new members and plenty of time to become part of what should be a very enjoyable and satisfying experience.  And what a great thrill to be in on the ground floor, to be part of the very first NED Seniors Chorus… an experience to enjoy now and for years to come. 

For more details, contact me at…  or  978-870-4496

David Patterson
Director, NED Seniors Chorus