2017 NED Officers - Nominations

2016 District Nominating Committee Request

Your participation, response encouraged - please!

Deadline for submissions is SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016.

Each year the district’s nominating committee is charged by the District President, in accordance with the district by-laws and operating code, to find the best possible candidates for District service on the Board of Directors.

At a minimum the committee is to contact each chapter within the Northeastern District as well as the current officers of the District to solicit their suggestions and recommendations for potential officer candidates. The 2016 Nominating Committee has decided to again increase that contact to include all past district presidents and, by general broadcast, every member of the district... 

We are positive that there are many men within the District boundaries who would provide skill sets and enthusiasm in carrying out the duties of each of these positions. In many cases, they only need to be asked and in many cases they have served or are currently serving. The Committee will be talking to each incumbent member of the Board to determine which of them is interested in continuing service. Those interested will be considered equally with any other possible candidates who may be presented to us from any of these other sources.

It is not necessary that you speak with and obtain permission from any district member before you provide us with their names. All we ask is that you provide us with some very basic information about the person and why you feel he would do an excellent job in a particular position. We will follow up with every single person suggested to the Committee. 

2016 Nominating Committee (for 2017)

  • Leo Ouellette, Chair
  • Alan Lamson
  • Brian O'Leary
  • Mike Soper
  • Mark McGillivray

Contact the Nominating Committee by emailing nominating@nedistrict.org

Thank you!