2019 NED Board of Directors / Officers - NOMINATIONS

2018 District Nominating Committee Request

Your participation, response encouraged - please!

Deadline for submissions is FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018.

To: Members of the Northeastern District,

The NED Nominating Committee for 2018 is on the lookout for people with skills that they are prepared to share with the members of the Northeastern District in a leadership role. Our current board is doing a great job, but we are always open to adding new blood to the District Board.

Here is something for each of you to think about:

  1. Would you be interested in sharing your skills and abilities with the rest of and on behalf of the Northeastern District?
  2. How about preparing your recommendation to the Nominating Committee of any others who you think would make excellent additions to the Board of Directors for the Northeastern District.

Please respond with your recommendations to nominating@nedistrict.org on or before June 15th.  All submissions will be held in the strictest confidence with only the members of the Nominating Committee having access to the recommendations and information provided.

Please provide the following for each person you recommend:

  1. Full name of the person
  2. Chapter of the person (per By-laws 5.02 the person must be an active member in good standing of a chapter within the Northeastern District and cannot be a Frank Thorne member)
  3. Position for which the person is being recommended
  4. What you know of the person’s experience and background that is applicable to service on the District Board and at that specific position.
  5. What other attributes does this person possess that would be of benefit to the District and the position?

The following are the positions for which nominations will be presented to the House of Delegates:

  • District President
  • District Executive Vice-President
  • District Secretary
  • District Treasurer
  • District Vice-President – Chapter Support and Leadership Training
  • District Vice-President – Chorus Director Development
  • District Vice-President – Contest and Judging
  • District Vice-President – Events
  • District Vice-President – Marketing and Public Relations
  • District Vice-President – Membership Development
  • District Vice-President – Music and Performance
  • District Vice-President – Youth in Harmony


If you have any questions, please contact any member of the committee.  Thank you for taking the time to think about this request and for taking action in response.

  • Murray Phillips, Chairman, Past NED President, (902) 542-1342
  • Michael Klein, Past NED President, 978-764-1923
  • Paul Arnone, Past NED President, (781) 324-7874
  • André Welland, President, Saint John NB Chapter, (506) 648-0208

2018 Nominating Committee (for 2019 NED Board)

Select blue/link name to email a member!  Or email ALL at nominating@nedistrict.org

Once again, you may contact the entire Nominating Committee at


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