IMPORTANT!  (new @ October 2016). Please READ and SCROLL DOWN...

  • Google has implemented a major change in how it manages a User's photos and videos. Indeed, all past NED photo archives.
  • Google's Picasa image services & Picasa Web Albums, is now done and gone. It is replaced with "Google Photos". It's a major change and one met with great frustration and user dissatisfaction.  Google has automatically migrated ALL of Steve Salamin's Picasa Albums of NED Contest & Event photos (over 10,000!) over to the new platform in Photos.
  • You will find ONLY an "Album Archive" OF ALL PAST NED Event Photo Albums at his migrated Google Photos site, dates of 2009 through April 2016. So - the LAST contests in the old, migrated arrangement is SPRING 2016.
  • Summer 2016 began the new Google Photos uploaded site.  Albums are ONLY accessed one-by-one.  You will see NO groups of Albums.
  • Below each "button" is a text link to the actual DRIVE FOLDER with the image files, for faster access and a listing view option.
  • You are welcome to view and download.  PLEASE - if you use my photo(s) - a credit is appropriate: "Photo by Steve Salamin - Keene, NH"
  • Images are retouched, re-sampled, and optimized for WEB viewing - a file size 200-350 kb each.  From Photoshop.  Not for print.  Size is 800-pixels wide.
  • If you need a FULL SIZE COPY, expect 4-5 Mb in size each. To order, I need the 4-digit image number in the file name.  Email ME.


Older Contest Performance Photos

by Thomas Snellham


2008 Fall

Fall District - Quartets

Fall District Contest Awards

If you have other GOOD quality photos, ready and willing to share,
recent or otherwise, please email/contact Steve Salamin.  Thank you!