A NED Senior Chorus.


A second reminder message from David Patterson.

Deadline now extended.

In case you missed the original invitation which was posted on February 20th or forgot to respond, this is a reminder.
We have added one additional week to the sign-up period.  The sign-up period will now close on Sunday, MARCH 12, 2017.
Following is the original invitation…
We are posting this message to determine interest in forming an NED Seniors Chorus.  The intent is to see how many NED senior Barbershoppers would be interested in joining a chorus made up of members from throughout the Northeastern District.
The ultimate purpose of this project is to perform onstage as part of the Seniors Chorus Festival at next year’s BHS Midwinter Convention in Costa Mesa, California, January 16-21, 2018.
If you’ve never been to a Midwinter Convention, you’ve missed a great experience.  First off, it’s in a “warm city.”  The major events include…
  • The International Seniors Quartet Contest.  It keeps getting better every year.
  • The Thursday night and the Saturday night shows are spectacular, filled with Medalist quartets and other sensational ensembles.
  • The highlight of the convention is the Youth Chorus Festival.  Seeing so many youngsters onstage, performing Barbershop, lighting up the auditorium with their energy is a great shot-in-the arm… punches my ticket every year I’ve attended.
NED President Guy Haas asked me to be part of a project to determine the level of interest in this venture.  Ed Fritzen, NED Executive VP, will be the head honcho for this project.  I will be directing the (proposed) NED Seniors Chorus.
Here’s some background…  This past January, at Midwinter in San Antonio, the first Seniors Chorus Festival was held.  Choruses from five Districts took part in the event.  All five who entered the process last year were selected.  Candidly, two of the five Seniors Choruses did a really good job.  The remaining three choruses left a lot to be desired.  
My desire and expectation for the NED Seniors Chorus is to perform at a solid “B” scoring level.  I am not at all interested in mediocrity.  I hope you feel the same way.
If the NED response shows a wide-spread interest in this project, we will proceed.  Here are more details…
  • The minimum age for participants is 55.  You must be at least 55 years of age as of January 19, 2018.
  • All participants will learn two songs.  We have not yet selected the songs, but be assured they will not be from the Barberpole Cat Songbooks.  Learning tracks and music will be provided.
  • We’ll plan at least three rehearsals… 
    • Eastern Regional, the weekend of April 22, 2017.
    • Western Regional, the weekend of May 6, 2017.
    • Harmony Collage Northeast, the weekend of August 5, 2017.
  • There will be a visual plan for both these songs.
  • At the NED District Fall Convention, we will gather and perform our two-song set in front of the Judging Panel.  We must score higher than the minimal, qualifying score.  We don’t yet know what this year’s qualifying score will be.
Here are a few expectations.
  • All participants who intend to be onstage next January will be expected to attend at least one of the above-referenced rehearsals.
  • All participants who intend to be onstage next January will be expected to be onstage, participating in the NED District Fall Contest performance to qualify.
  • All participants in the NED District Fall Contest performance will be expected to purchase a Registration.  Perhaps we can negotiate a lesser price for those who will be performing with only the Seniors Chorus.
  • All participants in the NED Seniors Chorus will pay a nominal fee to cover the cost of music, learning tracks, etc.
  • Getting to Costa Mesa, California will not be cheap.  With airfare, lodging and registration, it will be a major out-of-pocket expense.
A major “upside” to this endeavor will be the opportunity to perform on an “International Stage”.  While not the same as International in July, it will be a thrill to perform for such a large, appreciative and enthusiastic audience.  This will be an opportunity for some of our seniors who might not otherwise have the chance to ever perform in an International setting.  
If you’re interested, if this sounds like something you would enjoy being part of, please send your name, Chapter, voice part, age, best phone number, email address, and suggested name for the chorus (optional) to …


We will make a determination on March 12, 2017, as to whether or not to go forward with this endeavor. 
On a personal note…
While in San Antonio I spoke with a bunch of guys from four of the five Seniors Choruses.  Every one of them expressed how much fun it was… what a great personal experience it was for each of them.  
I want to know if you’d like to be part of this new adventure.
Looking forward to what should be an outstanding opportunity!
Thank you,

David Patterson
NED Patriot Division Manager