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MEDIA PACKAGE (order below at Eventbrite)

Contest Performance VIDEO-AUDIO-PHOTO

ORDER the value --Total Media Package-- today!  Five cool features!


  • High Def Digital Video Professional recording. Single camera.

  • DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (DD) delivery of the contest set via Dropbox link.

  • Video DD files available within days after the contest weekend!

  • Computer (or equiv. device) and Internet connection required for delivery.

  • No DVDs will be produced.

  • EVERY competitor group (quartet/chorus) WILL BE recorded.

  • Audio Quality Assured. XLR feed from Audio Engineer. GREAT VIDEO!


  • Repeat: Audio Quality Assured. XLR feed from Audio Engineer.

  • Audio-only BONUS recording supplied separately.

  • Available post-sessions via EMAILED MP3 file or link. Email address needed!

  • Audio Quality Assured. XLR feed from Audio Engineer.


  • Post-performance, while still on-stage, POSED Photos - 2-3 to pose/choose. Be prepared! Instructions will be provided.

  • All shots supplied later via download with video.

  • Full-size digital versions - from dual-function video camera captures - do whatever you want with them!

4. PHOTO - Performance:

  • Performance stills from video camera separately captured. ( Steve will also have his set of pictures. )

5.  DIRECTOR'S CAM:  Yes! A Directors'-Cam recording will be available to chorus directors - no extra charge!

PLEASE! Order in advance, via competitor registration for YOUR contest at Eventbrite. 100% participation allows us to continue to offer this GREAT value!

Package Amount: $35 per competitor, quartet or chorus, all performances.  That's all!  Inclusive of all described!

  • NOTE: This is for competitor GROUPS only. NOT for the general public.

  • COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL restricts distribution. NOT for private YouTube or Facebook (etc.) publication/posting.


You Must Pre-Pay!  NO ORDERS or payments at the Contest!  ONE "CONTACT PERSON" per group orders this MEDIA PACKAGE at the NED Eventbrite Registration Site.  You may do so at YOUR registration checkout --- or do so separately.

These services provided by "imported" Mike Kelly of the Mid-Atlantic District!
Any questions?  Fire away. Contact: Steve Salamin - Marketing

----------------- Mike Kelly, M-AD Videographer -----------------
BHS Harmony University & BHS Harmony Foundation Videographer

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Past deadline / post-event ordering …

• Performance Video via Dropbox - MP4
• Performance Stills - captured
• Posed, Post-Set, Formal Stills
• Chorus Director’s Cam
• Audio File - MP3

By Mike Kelly & Steve Salamin.

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