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WANTed AD - POSTED 11/17/2017 - SEARCH EXTENDED (2) TO 2018-FEB-28

WANTed AD - POSTED 11/17/2017 - SEARCH EXTENDED (2) TO 2018-FEB-28

Guidelines / TERMS:

  1. YOU must provide a PDF of your promotional material.  It will be converted HERE by us into an image and uploaded.
  2. Your PDF may be used/included (uploaded) as a full-size LINKED document.  Or, the image link will be to YOUR web site event.
  3. Your promo material can be any standard size flyer or poster or ad - it will be displayed here in a half-wide page/block format.
  4. No extra typesetting or announcement or links.  Images only.
  5. THIS DOES NOT REPLACE the Official NED Calendar administered by the District Secretary. Submit SHOW CLEARANCES early!
  6. This is a SERVICE to member chapters and affiliated organizations for promotional purposes.
  7. The cost right now is FREE!  It may be a FLAT $25 from date of posting to event date. (not yet, tho'!)
  8. Buy and place your AD in the next/nearest Contest Program - get it placed here for free!  Other terms still apply.
  9. The sooner YOU submit and pay, the sooner it will get posted and the longer it will appear online here!  Awesome!
  10. This service is FREE right now until ... (no end date right now).
  11. Just FYI - NED events may appear here as well - as an ad and linked to web site pages.
  12. Purchase ONLINE only from the link above (not yet) via secure, online credit card transaction directly to the District Treasurer.
  13. This PAGE will be referenced and referred to in all marketing communications and the Nor'easter.
  14. Don't forget to place ADS in the Contest Programs, too!

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