FAQs by Chapter Leaders

Who do I refer my questions to as a chapter leader?

Your district leaders always have your best interest in mind and each specialize in different fields. Feel free to contact the NED District Secretary, and he will refer your questions to the proper resource. 

Who do I contact about chapter incorporation? 

Information about State and Provincial Incorporation information is determined on a State and Province specific basis. Contact the NED District Secretary, and he'd be happy to refer you to the proper information for your state or province. 

What do I need to know about Financial Filings? 

All chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society have specific financial filing requirements that align with their country/province/state requirements.

  1. All chapters, regardless of country of origin, must complete an annual financial review of the prior year's books. Confirmation of a financial review must be reported in EBIZ. A copy of the review should be uploaded electronically to EBIZ. More information can be found by contacting the District Secretary or Treasurer. 
  2. All US Chapters must file an IRS 990 Form (either 990, 990-N or 990-EZ) no later than May 15th annually with the IRS. A copy should be sent to the Barbershop Harmony Society HQ (Attention to: CFO/Finance Office) and also reported in EBIZ. 
  3. All Canadian Chapters must file their financial records in accordance with their province laws and policies. Regardless, Canadian chapters should update their profiles in EBIZ annually that their financial records are being reviewed and filed properly. 

What do I need to know about Show Clearances?

  1. All chapters are required to submit a request to the District Secretary for clearance of the proposed date of their annual chapter show, or any other local Barbershop Show which the chapter charges admission to a customer in order to attend. 
  2. The District Secretary, if clearance can be granted, will then send in writing the approval of that Show date, or advise the Chapter President to process an alternate date request.
  3. To ensure clearance of your Chapter Show date it should be submitted as early as possible in the new year.  The District Secretary will make every attempt to clear your preferred Show date.

BMI/SESAC and Show Clearance Requests for US Chapters:

  • What do I need to know about submitting a BMI/SESAC Show Clearance?
    • Form is submitted PRIOR to show being advertised/occurring.
    • BMI/SESAC is for US Chapters
    • Form can be downloaded by clicking here or by contacting your District Secretary (secretary@NEDistrict.org) 
    • Submit form to District Secretary for approval. 
    • Information should be mailed to NED District Secretary
    • Should include three completed copies of form. 
    • Should include a check made payable to "Barbershop Harmony Society" 
    • Should also include two stamped envelopes. 
      • One will be a return of an approved form to the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer
      • One will go to the society after approved.
    • If you include details about the show, (Start/end time, link to your electronic info etc.) this information can be added to the NED calendar entry.

SOCAN and Show Clearance Requests for Candian Chapters

For Canadian Chapters, a SOCAN license is required prior to hosting a show.  To download a SOCAN form, click here or contact the District Secretary at secretary@NEDistrict.org .

  • What do I need to know about submitting a SOCAN Show Clearance? 
    • Each area requiring information is highlighted in grey.
    • Fill in all of the information in sections 1 and 2 – except the last row in item 2 which will be completed by the District Secretary.
    • Send the completed form to the District Secretary via email. Once the show has been cleared the District Secretary will complete the final information in Section 2 and will return the file to you electronically.
    • Once your show is done you will complete Sections 4 & 5 of the “Application for Show Clearance and SOCAN Licence” which will result in a calculation of the fee owing to SOCAN. By then you should have also completed the SOCAN Concert Logging Report detailing the songs performed on your show.
    • Send the Show Clearance and SOCAN Licence form, along with the completed SOCAN Concert Logging Report and a cheque covering the calculated fee, to SOCAN in Toronto. The SOCAN address is included on both of the forms for your reference.
    • Ensure that you keep a final copy of the Show Clearance form for your records.

ASCAP Annual Forms:

  • What do I need to know about submitting an ASCAP form? 
    • Effective January 24, 2017, chapters will no longer be sending their ASCAP Reporting Forms to their district secretary for processing. 
    • Form is submitted AFTER shows are completed for the year.  
    • Canadian Chapters are NOT required to submit an ASCAP fee. 
    • Form can be downloaded via www.barbershop.org/document-center.
    • Should include a check made payable to "Barbershop Harmony Society"
    • All ASCAP forms and applicable payments should be sent to the Barbershop Harmony Society directly:

Barbershop Harmony Society
c/o ASCAP Reporting Forms
110 7th Avenue N
Nashville, TN 37073
or by email to chapters@barbershop.org