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NOTE! Most pictures are reduced in overall size and then uploaded to save time and space. All are good enough for online use only. For download to use in print/ads, you need a HIGH-RESOLUTION copy/original, I am happy to provide at no-charge. Make this easy: Just find the INFO/DETAILS on the image(s) and contact/email Steve Salamin with the group name and the image number(s) (4-digit number, at end).

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2019 #2 Spring WESTERN Divisions & Int’l Prelims Qtet. Contests - Lake George, NY

(1388 photos taken — in all)

2019 #1 Spring EASTERN Divisions, Youth & Mixed Quartet Contests - Hyannis, MA

(1097 photos taken — in all)

2018 FALL District C&C - Portland/Westbrook, MAINE

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2018 Spring EASTERN Divisions & Int'l. Prelims Quartet C&C - Nashua, NH

2018 Spring WESTERN Divisions & Mixed Quartet C&C - Lake George, NY

2018 SPRING WESTERN in PHOTO ALBUMS (one at a time):



SPRING 2016 Contests and ALL others PRIOR:

My Google "Album Archive"

2009 - April 2016 at my old Google "Album Archive"

SELECT > IMAGE ABOVE < FOR GOOGLE ALBUM ARCHIVE ---------- 2009 - Spring 2016 only -----------

---------- 2009 - Spring 2016 only -----------



Older Contest Performance Photos

by Thomas Snellham


2008 Fall

Fall District - Quartets

Fall District Contest Awards

If you have other GOOD quality photos, ready and willing to share, recent or otherwise,
please email/contact
Steve Salamin. Thank you!