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8 Healthy Chapter Initiatives to Try!


A healthy Chapter needs a variety of activities that the membership can get excited about.  Rehearsals, preparing for Contest or Chapter Show are certainly good, but a Chapter needs more.  So we created eight time-tested programs that a Chapter might do to add variety, raise funds, recruit new members and help keep existing members.

Your Division Manager can assist you in choosing the program (or programs) that you may wish to do in the next year.  Good leadership requires that you plan these in advance, and select a "Champion" - a person to do the planning, muster resources, and insure execution.  They won’t happen on their own!

 Pick just one and try it.  See if it helps your Chapter!  Good luck!

~ compiled and presented by Guy Haas, President 2016-2017 / Northeastern District

See details on each program, below!
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Have fun with ALL this!

Go to & Download any or all 8 Programs HERE:

8 Health Chapter Program - IDEAS!
Each requires a "Champion" - Planning - Your Membership Buy-In
  How to run ... Fundraiser Member
1 Free Singing Lessons   X   X X  
2 Spaghetti Supper X X X   X  
3 Charitable Causes     X X X X
4 Festival/Jamboree X X X   X  
5 Inter-Chapter Meeting     X X   X
6 Member/Guest Recovery   X   X    
7 Man-of-Note   X   X   X
8 Sunshine Chairman   X   X   X
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