The Northeastern District implemented a new program for chapters in 2015 called the Chapter Achievement Program aka NEDCAP.    The purpose is to annually recognize and reward those Chapters who are doing the most to enhance the Chapter member experience, recruit new members, and who are living the Barbershop Harmony Society philosophy of "We Sing.  We Serve."

The four Achievement categories are:

•  Community Outreach
••  Inter-Chapters
•••  Membership Growth
••••  Leadership Development

There will be an award for the winner of each category, which began in 2015 at the Fall Convention in Burlington.  The program is being overseen and administered by your Division Manager.

Program documents and detailed presentations may be selected, below. 

The current NED Division Managers may be found on the CONTACT page.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact...

your NED Division Manager, or
Ed Fritzen, NED President

Thank you  and ...

Sing well.  Have fun.  Serve others!

Program Documents:

Program Description for
Chapter Leaders (PowerPoint)

Program Descriptive and Completion Forms (PDF Document)

Program Descriptive and Completion Forms (Word Document)

Community Outreach Form
(PDF Document)

Inter-Chapter Completion Form
(PDF Document)