NED Board of Directors/Officers - 2017:

Vacancies filled by appointment of the NED President and ratified by the NED Board of Directors.
As voted-in by the NED House of Delegates on August 5, 2016 at HCNE at Worcester State University.

[ Format below: Position | Name with email link | Chapter ]

    *  not elected: the position of NED Immediate Past President is assumed.
  **  appointed 01/25/2017
***  new position - replaces/incorporates VP-Music and VP-CSLT


NED Standing Committee Chairs - 2017

  • Nominating Committee | Leo Ouellette
  • Ethics Committee | Art Lively
  • Governance & Bylaws Committee | Brian O'Leary
  • Credentials Committee | Don Carlson

NED Division Managers/Chapter Advocates - 2017:

  • Patriot Division  |  David Patterson |Concord, MA
  • Mountain Division  |  Walt Lane | Schenectady, NY (and SLD's Mohawk Valley, NY)
  • Yankee Division | (interim) Edward Fritzen | Manchester, CT
  • Sunrise Division | Doug Schofield | Cape Breton, Dartmouth & Truro, NS, Canada
  • Granite & Pine Divisions:

NED School Deans & Directors - 2017

NED Programs & Services - 2017:

  • Bachelor of Barbershop Harmony Chairman |  Art Lively  |  Laconia, NH
  • Bachelor of Barbershop Harmony Treasurer |  John Englander  |  Nashua, NH
  • Chorus Director Workshop Intensive (CDWI) |  Eric Ruthenberg |  Concord, NH
  • Standing Ovation Program Chairperson | Dianne Brooks
  • Operations - Youth In Harmony |  Niall Trimby  |  Laconia & Nashua, NH

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