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Male Chorus Teaching Faculty:

Pratt Street Power

Based out of Baltimore, MD, Pratt Street Power has been fittingly called one of the Barbershop Harmony Society’s “young powerhouses of today!” Since their formation in early 2016, they have already accomplished a great deal – including winning the 2016 International Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest in Nashville, TN! They are also the 2017 Mid-Atlantic District 2nd Place Quartet and a 2017 International Quartet Semi-Finalist. All four singers are active members of Parkside Harmony 2018 Mid-Atlantic District Chorus Champions and 2017 International Chorus Medalist. The singers benefit greatly from singing together in the same chorus in addition to their weekly rehearsals. The members of the quartet all have classical music training, but also have studied many other kinds of music, which has influenced what they choose to sing. One of Pratt Street Power’s main goals is to support the Harmony Foundation’s mission of enriching lives through singing by attending youth outreach events for young singers and encouraging young people to sing. Find out more by following them on Facebook, and by checking out their website –

Vince Sandroni (TENOR) -Vince began his musical career with 15 years in The Maryland State Boychoir, serving as a chorister, soloist, and conducting intern. He received his Bachelor of Science in Music Education degree from Towson University.  Vince has been the chorus teacher at Cockeysville Middle School in Baltimore County for the past four years. He started singing barbershop in high school and has since participated in numerous conventions, harmony brigades, No Borders Youth Consort, and Parkside Harmony.

Ed Schubel (LEAD) - Ed discovered barbershop on YouTube when he was about 16 years old. He sang with the Mason-Dixon Chorus for a few summers after high school while attending the University of Kansas. Ed has a strong background in musical theatre and graduated with a degree in Theatre & Vocal Performance. He currently teaches private voice at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts and plans on applying to Shenandoah University for their master's program in Vocal Pedagogy.

Ben Hawker (BARITONE) - Ben studied music at Towson University, and now works as a professional musician in the Baltimore area. Ben grew up singing in The Maryland State Boychoir, and tributes his musical talents to his 13 years with them. A BHS member since 2011, Ben has been active in many barbershop organizations as a coach, arranger, board member, and singer. Currently, Ben serves as the baritone section leader for Parkside Harmony, and is a Music Judge Candidate for the BHS.

Darren Schmidt (BASS) - Darren recently graduated from Towson University with a degree in music composition. Like Vince and Ben, he grew up singing in The Maryland State Boychoir. Darren was first drawn to barbershop by its unique and complex harmonies, and got hooked by singing tags. His first experiences with barbershop included No Borders Youth Chorus, Atlantic Harmony brigade, and East Coast Sound. Darren hopes that both his singing and his music will enrich people's lives, and he looks forward to the many years of fellowship in the society that lie ahead.

Female Chorus Teaching Faculty:

Taken 4 Granite

Much in life can be easily taken for granted. The beauty of the sunrise, the food on our tables, the love within our families. Sometimes the greatest blessings in our lives have been invisible to us, and yet right under our noses the whole time. The members of Taken 4 Granite know that sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, and God-given gifts can easily be underappreciated and overlooked. In the autumn of 2013, the quartet seized the opportunity to come together-- sisters, mother, and friend when Christina came back to live at home after being away at college, and prior to Samantha going away to college-- to NOT take each other or the music we can create for granted. We are thrilled and honored to be the 2016 International Quartet Champion of Harmony, Inc. 

Katrine Dickau (Tenor) Katrine met the Tramack family, and therefore barbershop, in 2005 when she joined New England Voices in Harmony. Katrine's first quartet experience was singing with Renee in a chapter quartet named Timeless. She first competed with Showcase in 2007, and won gold in 2009. The Tramack family and the Dickau family are very close, and Kat's sons, Erich and Bergen are like little brothers to Christina and Sammy. Kat enjoys other hobbies including flying powered parachutes, hiking, cycling, playing fiddle in a duo called Tale with her husband Perry, and playing/singing in a Christian worship band. 

Christina Tramack (Baritone) Christina has been exposed to barbershop all of her life, and started singing and competing as a member of New England Voices in Harmony in 2004. She started singing with her first quartet, Cloud 9, in 2009 which became International 5th Place medalists in 2011. Christina has also competed with the quartet Sister Act with her sister, Samantha, and another set of sisters from Gardiner, ME. While in college in Nashville, TN she sang with the Sweet Adelines chorus, TuneTown Show Chorus and the quartet, Top Shelf, which won the Rising Star award in Region 23 for best youth quartet in 2013. She has also had some directing experience as the Area 2 Generations Director. 

Renee Tramack (Bass) Family barbershop quartets are oft seen, and perhaps the Tramack family is one of the better-known barbershop families around. Renée is a Certified Singing Judge and current Category Director, award-winning chorus director, quartet champion, and coach. Renée has been singing, competing in, and directing barbershop for more than three decades. She won her first crown singing bass with Showcase, the 2009 Harmony Inc. International Champion Quartet. Renée is the director of New England Voices in Harmony, the 2014 International Champion Chorus of Harmony, Inc. Her husband Steve is a Certified Music Judge, award-winning director, quartetter, renowned coach, and arranger. Naturally their offspring, Christina, Samantha, and Joshua, have blossomed in their singing and performance abilities. The family can be seen singing around as The Von Tramack Family Singers. 

Samantha Tramack (Lead) Samantha is a Junior at Plymouth State University and keeps busy singing in multiple choirs and playing multiple instruments in school bands. She started singing and competing in the barbershop world when she joined New England Voices in Harmony in 2007. She competed with her first quartet, Three and a Half, singing lead in 2009, then tenor in Sister Act in 2012, and baritone in 2014 with Family Fun. She also sang bass with the Sweet Adelines Region 1 Rising Star quartet, Soundarella, who competed in August of 2015 at the International Rising Star Contest in AZ and received 2 place! Sam has also gotten her feet wet with some directing, primarily the Generations Chorus, and Minor Chords at various Harmony Inc. contests, assistant Drum Major for her school band, and Music Director of the acapella group, Mixed Emotions, at Plymouth State University. Samantha is currently working toward a degree in Music Education. 

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