Camp Staff & Management Team: 

Male Chorus Teaching Faculty:

Doug Carnes
Head Male Clinician/Musical Director

Change the world through music. These five words have been ringing in Douglas Carnes’s head for as long as he can remember.

In fall 2011, Wayne Grimmer, and Jeff Glemboski of ‘Round Midnight Quartet welcomed Douglas with open arms into their barbershop chorus, The Long Island Sound.  During this pivotal moment in Douglas’s life, he was recruited into The Good Old Days quartet. They went on to place in the top 10 internationally in the Barbershop Harmony Society’s Collegiate Quartet Contest.

As his love for barbershop started to overwhelm his every being, he was asked to assistant direct and become President of The Long Island Sound. During this time, their scores and member numbers were the highest they had been since the original charter chapter. Under the tutelage of professor Stephen Pagano, Douglas became very intrigued with choral conducting and decided to step away from his gig as a full time percussionist for a little while. As he traded his congas in for a baton he knew that this was the right decision.

In 2014, Douglas Carnes graduated from Five Towns College with his Masters Degree in Choral Conducting. Upon graduation, Douglas took employment at Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School where he developed a choral curriculum with a focus on the barbershop art form. As his program took wings, so did their very own barbershop quartet. The DPHMS 7th grade quartet made up of four very talented young scholars caught the eye of Harmony Foundation International. With the help of the quartet, Harmony Foundation put together a video to encourage the support of Youth In Harmony around the world. That video was first presented at Mid Winter in New Orleans and it has begun to accomplished that very goal.

From the podium to the bandstand, Douglas has had the privilege to sing and play all around the world. His credits include percussion on Disney’s “The Lion King” on Broadway, to Youth in Harmony rep for the 2013 No Borders Youth Chorus. He is an active coach, clinician, singer and conductor for The Barbershop Harmony Society and has an intense focus on the youth movement. He continues to develop curriculum for music educators that are interested in barbershop harmony because he believes that in order to really change the world, the minds of today must invest in the minds of tomorrow. 

Carnes took the helm as director of the Great Northern Union in July 2015.

Male Teaching Quartet

Signature Quartet is composed of four power house voices. All four members of the quartet have been barbershoppers since their early teen years and have been in many different quartets. This foursome has been together since October of 2013. At the first get together, these guys knew that they had something special and would be fools if they did not do everything in their power to make something out of this group. The quartet has gone on to represent the Sunshine District in the International Quartet Competition in Pittsburgh, PA (July 2015) where they finished 15th their very first time out, among the finest barbershop quartets in the world. They are also the Sunshine District Champions (2015), and the 2016 International 4th place Bronze medalist. Please enjoy the big sound and the variety of musical genres that the group sings.


Will "The Old Guy" Rodriguez (TENOR) is the eldest member of the quartet (but "not by much!"). Will has studied music his entire life and comes from a musical family. Will is a Certified General Contractor, and runs his own commercial/ residential contracting company, mostly into the ground... Will is a founding member and the driving force of the quartet, or so we let him think... When not singing or running his business you will most likely find Will spending time with his dogs, family and also cracking jokes.

Daniel  "The Voice" Cochran (LEAD) is a Florida Native. Daniel has been singing as far as he can remember. Though he is 6'4" he is a big teddy bear that would rather be singing than playing sports like other people his height. Daniel is a professional vocalist and has sung in numerous amazing venues and shows. He has touched many lives and continues to touch people every Sunday when he sings at Unity of Delray Beach Church. When he isn't singing, Daniel enjoys singing tags, going to karaoke... well let's be honest, he's always singing.

Dan "BassMan" Walz (BASS) Originally from Bayport, MN, Dan moved to SC with his family and lived there for 15 years, where he joined the Barbershop Harmony Society. Dan and Will were fortunate enough to win a district championship together and decided to stay together and start a new group. Dan moved to FL to join the quartet full-time. When he's not singing, Dan works as a contractor for Triple R construction in Fort Lauderdale.

Matt "Short Stuff" Clancy (BARITONE), the youngster in the quartet, is 26 and has been a barbershopper for 14 years. He has directed several barbershop choruses in western New York before moving to Florida in 2011. He is currently the front line director for the Heartland Harmonizers in Sebring, Florida. Matt is a nationally certified Medical Massage Therapist and has his practice in Lake Placid, Florida. When he is not working or singing you will most likely find him out on the lake, throwing people off of the water tube or teaching them how to water ski.

Female Chorus Teaching Faculty:

Morgan La Croix
Head Female Clinician/Musical Director

Morgan La Croix is a lyrical Soprano, with a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Music, from McGill University. Morgan sings and teaches a variety of vocal styles from vocal jazz to classical. She currently works as a music teacher at the Elementary level in Lachine Quebec.

She's been singing in the Barbershop style since 1994 with choruses in the Montreal area, she has sung with Montreal City Voices a Harmony Inc Chorus and Acappella Sounds Chorus from SAI. Morgan has held many musical positions such as, tenor section leader, baritone section leader, music chairman, assistant director and vocal coach. In January 2013, Morgan became the musical director of Montreal City Voices, the very chorus she first joined as a teenager. 

Quartetting has been a major contributor to Morgan's barberbshop experience over the last 22 years. In 2000, she won the Harmony Inc International Quartet Championship singing Tenor in After Hours, and in 2011 she would again become a Harmony Queen with Foreign Exchange. 

Working with young barbershop singers is a great joy and privilege. Morgan has served as a clinician and has taught in teaching quartets in many Harmony Explosions camps.

These amazing singing organizations (HI, SAI and BHS) have been an inspiration and a source of unwavering support to Morgan, it is a certainty that she would not be where she is today without this life changing hobby!

Female Teaching Quartet

VOCE is a barbershop quartet based in New England.   Formed in late 2014, they have been on the fast track to award winning success brought about by hard work, setting goals and having lots of fun.  VOCE was honored to earn 11th place/ Mic testers this past year in Sweet Adelines International contest in Las Vegas.  All four members belong to high level small choruses, Millennium Magic Chorus and Saratoga Soundtrack Chorus.  Even though they are relatively young as a foursome, they have 55+ years of barbershop experience among them and have competed internationally at the chorus level over 25 times.  VOCE is so excited to be teaching at HXNE this year and we can’t wait to ring some chords!

Deanna Sargent (Tenor) has been singing Barbershop since 2006, and is a charter member SAI Region 15’s Saratoga Soundtrack Chorus. She is no stranger to music, Deanna has been singing since she was very little with her siblings. She sang in church, played piano, sang in the school and youth center choruses and played multiple instruments from high school all the way through college in the marching band, primarily French horn and mellophone.  Very early on in Sweet Adelines, Deanna recognized an intense desire to quartet, and after a few years singing in various quartets, competed in 2015 with One Track Mind, Region 15, earning the most improved quartet award and her first blue ribbon.  Deanna is a licensed clinical social worker at Stillwater Elementary School in NY.  She enjoys sharing her love of music, not only as a hobby but also as a teaching modality for enhancing social skills with younger groups of students.  With a keen ear and a passion for excellence, she is thrilled to be heading to Las Vegas this fall as the newest member of VOCE and excited to share her passion with all everyone at HXNE.

Angie Clark (Baritone) was born in Illinois and started singing at an early age. She was in several jazz and madrigal groups through high school, as well as jazz band, marching band, and symphonic band on Euphonium. She has a degree in Music Education, with an instrumental emphasis. She graduated in 2008 and moved to Connecticut 3 days after graduation.  She taught music education to kindergarten through 8th grade students at the RJ Kinsella Magnet School of the Performing Arts. She joined her first SAI Chorus, Sound of New England Chorus in 2008.  A year later, she joined Millennium Magic Chorus, where she continued to learn and soon became baritone section leader. Millennium Magic Chorus is a wonderful place for Angie to grow, use her musical strengths and contribute to the leadership of the chorus. In 2010, Voice Activated Quartet was born-- which then morphed into VOCE in 2014.   Angie is also the director of Valley Shore Acapella Chorus, a small chorus of hard working women that allow Angie to continue learning, teaching and growing as a musical director.  Angie’s day job is a banker for Webster Bank, and lives in western MA with her boyfriend Will.

Beth Paul (Bass) has been singing barbershop for 23 years.  After joining Sweet Adelines in 1994, she quickly found herself in quartet singing lead after about 4 months. Quarteting was a steady part of Beth’s singing life until she started having kids in 2005, when she took a short break. Both boys have joined her onstage competing in quartet and chorus competition while she was pregnant!   Beth quickly felt compelled to return to a quartet singing bass this time in 2010 with Voice Activated and then with VOCE in 2014.  Beth is a founding member of the International Division A Champions Millennium Magic Chorus,  as well a leader of many teams. Although she started barbershop singing lead (which taught her great things about performing), she found her true calling singing bass about 7 years into this hobby. No way is she ever turning back now…because we all know bass is the boss part!   She works for Bright Horizons, a Boston based International Early Education and Preschool Company.  She is married and the proud parent of two sons, who are now ages 10 and 12.    She is honored and excited to share her knowledge, passion and heart with the young adults of HXNE 2017.

Judy Sherriff (Lead) has been singing with Sweet Adelines for 15 years and has participated in quartet competitions over the last eight.  She was a member of the award winning, Coastline Show Chorus for thirteen years where she enjoyed singing and dancing in the front row. Currently, she is a member of Millennium Magic Chorus. Judy has always loved music and even played saxophone in various high school bands.  However, when it came to singing, she was certainly a late bloomer. In her early thirties, married with 2 children, a college friend encouraged her to try out for the Merrimack Valley Chorus. The decision to start singing was difficult at first, but once she got past her nerves and heard that barbershop sound, she was definitely hooked. Singing barbershop has been an extremely rewarding and life changing experience and she wishes she started at a younger age. To date, her most exciting Barbershop experience has been singing as mic testers at the Sweet Adelines International 2017 finals contest in Las Vegas with VOCE quartet.

Music Educator & Adult Chorus Program

Head Educator Clinician


HXNE/HCNE Adult Chorus Director