HXNE has a special program for music teachers and those pursuing music in college! Observe rehearsals, attend special workshop sessions led by our guest clinicians and staff at both HXNE and Harmony College Northeast! You’ll also be able to sing in an all-Director and Music Educator chorus! It’s a fantastic and invaluable summer professional development opportunity!

We will provide Continuing Education Unit certificates for each educator. 

The timing of the camp provides a perfect opportunity to energize your choral students in preparation for the new school year. The activities of the camp help students to train their ears, read music, tune close harmonies, improve part independence, sing expressively... Personally, you can observe some master teachers and clinicians in action, pick up some new tricks of the trade, share your own insights and techniques with colleagues from a wide area, learn some new repertoire, and generally "recharge your batteries" before heading back to the classroom in September. Collegiate music education majors gain valuable experience before student teaching or moving into the workforce, interacting both with high school students and seasoned professionals. 

Ready for some great news? You can attend the camp with your students, but you are not their chaperone! No hustling them from one activity to another, no room checks at night or wake-up calls in the morning - you're not even housed in the same building! We have a full staff of chaperones who are responsible for the students while you get to take classes, observe rehearsals, and sing in the educators' chorus! As for most music festivals, we certainly encourage you to go over the music with your students before the camp, but they have the ability to practice on their own with .mp3 learning tracks. 


Music Educator Clinician:


Our 2017 Music Educator clinician is not yet confirmed at this time. Stay tuned for updates in the near future!



Adult Chorus Director


Our 2017 Adult Chorus Director is not yet confirmed at this time. Stay tuned for updates in the near future!