General Peer Leader Information

Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast 2019 is rapidly approaching! One of the newest and exciting components of HX Camp Northeast is to include youth in leadership roles. We’re looking for peer leaders from across the Northeast to fill this need. Each of these young leaders will grow tremendously as they lead their peers in multiple aspects of the camp. We’re looking for outstanding young people who can commit to one weekend of service to reach their peers!

HXNE-2019 Peer Leader Online Application

The Peer Leader Program for the 2019 Season is now open.

An Application Form and References Form MUST be completed PRIOR to “registration” online. Once your application is approved, you will be provided with a passcode to complete registration online.

Note - returning Peer Leaders only need to submit the current Application Form, not a Reference Form - we know you now!

For further comments, questions or concerns please email 

We are looking for students with the following characteristics:

  • Humble —living to help others.

  • Nonjudgmental observant —being a calm observer.

  • Able to communicate —knowing how to read people and how to respond to them

  • Imaginative —show creativity in goals and ideas.

  • Broad minded —seek out diversity.

  • Dependability —able to be counted on.

  • Patience (flexibility) —being able to stay cool, calm, level headed.

  • Prior experience in leading small groups. (beneficial but not required)

Specific Requirements:

  • Each peer leader must have a completed Recommendation Form. (Completed by a teacher, professor, community leader etc.)

  • Must be age 18-24 or a college student enrolled in a course of study at the time of the HXNE weekend.

  • Needs to arrive at Worcester State University by 11:00am on Thursday August 1, 2019.

  • Willing to support and lead all aspects of the HXNE weekend.

  • Peer leaders are responsible for their own travel costs but receive a discounted registration fee.

  • These students will facilitate ten to twelve of their peers. It is important that each peer leader be committed to preparing before the HXNE weekend and investing in the lives of their peers as the weekend progresses.

We encourage interested peer leaders to email us to find out more information regarding the application. All applications must have a reference/recommendation from an adult (not related to them). It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify their references that we will be contacting them. Upon your acceptance you will receive necessary passcode to register and other materials. There will be an opportunity for video training and further correspondence before the HXNE weekend.

Program Description

The HXNE Peer Leader Program is an experience that combines musical enrichment with an opportunity for youth leadership.

For our own musical development you’ll participate in the HXNE chorus with top level musical instruction throughout the rehearsal and the show performance.  Additionally you’ll be able to select a 90-minute class from our concurrent program for adults, our Harmony College Northeast.

There’s also opportunity for you to put together a quartet—male, female or mixed— made up of yourself and other peer leaders and perform in the HXNE Quartet Showcase.

On the youth leadership side you’ll have additional responsibilities. You’ll serve as musical role models for the camp participants. One way of achieving this will be for you to encourage and introduce tag singing to some the camp attendees. Tags are short easy to learn endings of songs with all of the best chords! Tag singing is found to be lots of fun and very gratifying as the students learn the tags and ring chords. The Peer Leaders will also work together to run some group games and team-building activities.

Peer Leaders will each work alongside a chaperone in an assistive capacity, providing an understanding of the chaperone role and some valuable experience. As a group, you’ll also be responsible for various tasks and projects related to the operation of the camp.

All in all, this is a great experience that will be rewarding at many different levels. For you - for everyone!

Staff Coordinator:

Patti Lavernoich

Peer Leader Coordinator & 
Head Mentor

For comments, questions, or concerns email me at

Deadline for Applications & References

All Applications and Recommendation Forms must be received no later than July 1, 2019 in order to be considered for acceptance into the HXNE Peer Leader Program. PLEASE NOTE: Spots fill up quickly, so please submit your application early.

An Application Form and References Form For MUST be completed PRIOR to “registration” online. Once your application is approved, you will be provided with a passcode to complete registration online.