Testimonials for Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast

Camper Testimony From Cay Outerbridge, 17, Bass, Belfast, ME

"I remember my first Harmony Explosion camp very clearly. I had just recently formed a quartet at my high school, and in all honestly, we really were not very good. We didn't know it at the time. We just really enjoyed singing together. I was happy that I discovered barbershop, but at that point, I didn't even have even the slightest grasp of how much more I would grow to love it. At Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast, I realized many things that positively changed how I viewed barbershop. I realized that I wasn't alone. Barbershoppers are one giant family. I got to sing with other guys my age who loved barbershop just as much as I did. I fit into a community bigger than just my quartet, and that made it a really special weekend. Another thing about the camp that blew me away was the generosity of education. I got to learn from some of the best barbershoppers. The talent that my teachers possessed was absolutely phenomenal, and I felt honored to even be near them. Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast is really an incredible educational opportunity. The best barbershopper IN THE WORLD come and teach you, sing to you, and sing WITH YOU without even giving it a second thought. It is a world-class education for an incredibly affordable price. It would be like paying $200 for a private golf lesson with Tiger Woods; a crazy good deal. Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast is probably the biggest reason I am the barbershop enthusiast that I am today. Don't miss this camp! If you are too old, definitely donate to this wonderful cause and come see the fantastic show that we produce at the end of the weekend.”

Camper Testimony From Supriya Padki, 15, Lead, Berlin, MA

"My name is Supriya and I am a sophomore in high school and I have been singing all my life. Last year at Harmony Explosion Camp I made it a point to get everyone involved which meant I strived to get people together to sing and make music wherever I went, teaching tags (dramatic or pretty ends of songs) and even full songs. At HXNE, I found that I have a heart for leadership and now I feel like I have the confidence to go anywhere, make new friends and teach them some music. Friday night of camp, the night before the big performance day we all got to eat BBQ dinner in the courtyard. Before and after dinner I remember gathering and being part of groups of teenagers and adults alike that would sing all the songs they knew for fun. We would add harmonies and have the time of our lives, just eating snacks and having a great time. With those songs some of us would sing on the small Camp held showcase that same night. That was so fun to be part of, I felt so happy and involved with the music around me. Then there was the day of the "HXNE Camp Show". That evening right before we all ate dinner, the boys and girls choruses got to preform their show packages for each other. When the girls chorus sang for the boys chorus the boys all listened to us wholeheartedly, then once we finished they congratulated us. Then when the boys chorus sang for the girls chorus I remember crying with the other girls, at the boys heart wrenching performance (in a good way!). After we had all sung for each other we all group hugged and wished each other good luck. I feel like this is the family everyone needs and I hope others can find it too. This experience inspired me to be a better singer, teacher and friend to everyone I meet, I love my camp family and I cannot wait till later this year where I get to do it all again."

Peer Leader Testimony From Mert Danna, 21, Baritone, Jackson, ME

"Harmony Explosion Camp is where my barbershop journey began. I went knowing very little about what I was getting myself into, and I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that I did. Attending this camp for the first time was probably the best thing I have ever done in my life. HXNE opened my eyes to the extraordinary world of barbershop. It introduced me to some of the best people around and taught me so much about this wonderful craft. Whether you have been singing barbershop for 3 days or 3 years, this camp is perfect for anyone. If you are even slightly interested in learning more about this lifelong hobby, you should definitely attend this camp. I can guarantee you that by the end of your first day you will be hooked forever. I know I was, as well as all of the amazing people I met who were also just starting out. The people you meet and things you will learn will stick with you for the rest of your life. HXNE is the reason I am so passionate about barbershop, as well as music in general, and I look forward to attending for many years to come!"


Music Educator Testimony from Alex Krauth,  Lead/Tenor, Eliot, ME

"I had first heard about Harmony Explosion Camp 2 years ago when I received a notice about it from a fellow American Choral Directors' Association (ACDA) member and thought it sounded like a wonderful and unique opportunity. At the time, I had only sung barbershop once, when my local Harmony, Inc. chapter invited female singers attending high schools in the area to participate in a day-long youth chorus workshop and performance. I am a huge fan of all choral and a cappella music and wanted to try my hand at barbershop again at HX, and boy, am I glad I did! As soon as I arrived, I was immersed in music everywhere I went, not just during our rehearsals but also during our meals and social hours, when groups of people would either sing barbershop tags or jam out to today's pop hits. It was wonderful to listen to them and join in. I have attended two camps so far, and it was amazing to see some friends who returned for this past year's camp, as well as new participants attending for the first time. It is my hope that every upcoming camp will grow larger and larger! There are so many aspects of the camp that I love, such as learning from top-notch chorus directors and vocal coaches, and forging and renewing friendships with teachers and high school students alike. However, I truly believe the best aspect for me is discovering that many of us continue to learn a great deal about harmony, expressing yourself during a performance, use of the individual singing voice, and other aspects of choral and group singing at every camp we attend. No matter if the next camp will be your first or your fifth, you are guaranteed to have one of the best life experiences you could ever have! I cannot say enough about HX Camp and highly recommend it to all high school singers and music educators! If you are not eligible to attend the camp in full but would still like to hear the amazing music we produce during our time together, please purchase a ticket to the Saturday night show and watch everyone's incredible talent, passion, and energy up close and personal! You will not regret the opportunity!"