Chaperoning at Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast (HXNE) will be an experience you will truly never forget! On behalf of the Northeastern District of the Barbershop Harmony Society, and also the mangement team of volunteer leaders, we extend an invitation for you to also volunteer your time and help us provide a safe, music centered, and dynamic weekend for the youth attending HXNE. 

Below, please find a job description of expectations and responsibilities of chaperones participating in HXNE. Prior to registering as a chaperone, we ask that you contact us to set up a quick phone meeting with our head chaperones to discuss this opportunity. Chaperones must be 24 years old or older. If you are 18-24 years old, consider becoming a peer leader! You can find more information here: 

Please note: All Adults will be subject to a Criminal Background Check/CORI Check prior to attending HXNE. 

Overall Responsibilities Include:

  • Participant Safety

  • Participant Health

  • Knowing the whereabouts of campers assigned to them at all times

  • Assuring their campers are where they are supposed to be

  • Enforcement of camp rules

  • Foster an environment of learning and fun for all participants

Specific Responsibilities Include:

  • Familiarizing yourself with all camp rules, this job description and the Community Guidelines; and sign and return an acknowledgement of such familiarity and agreement to perform accordingly.

  • Unless excused by the Camp Director, attend the Orientation meeting held before the start of camp.

  • Ensure participants are up in the morning in time to get ready, have breakfast, and get to rehearsal on time.

  • During rehearsal times at least one chaperone from each assigned team will sit in the auditorium or rehearsal venues and watch the clinicians work with the students. (Unless there is another scheduled activity for chaperones)

  • Ensure participants are in their room at night at scheduled hour, and that "lights out" is enforced as a quiet time.

  • Ensure that the camp office has all requested on-site forms from participants (i.e. check cards, class option forms, etc.).

  • Report violation of community guidelines or rules to the respective Head Chaperone. Matters of major guideline/rule violation should be presented directly to the Camp Director.

  • Report any emotional, physical or health related issues to the Health and Safety Coordinator as soon as information is presented.

  • All chaperones whom have a cell phone should have it with them at all times and batteries should be kept charged.

  • Practice what we call “The Triangle of Safety” or the “Rule of Three”. At no time should an adult be alone with a camper. This includes walking a camper to their room/suite as well as walking them around campus. Always have the three rule: When walking with a camper, bring another camper with you or bring another adult with you (preferably remembering to bring someone of the mutual gender of the main camper, with you).

  • Each chaperone is responsible for keeping either their respective Head Chaperone or the Camp Director apprised, generally, of their whereabouts during the day and evening, if not either at the rehearsal hall, the office, or the scheduled social function. Any planned absences from camp need to be logged in advance at the Camp Office.

  • Chaperones should always be alert for the camper who is not "included". Many campers come with a group of acquaintances, but others come alone with no prior friendships. It is our responsibility to make sure campers have social interaction with other campers.

  • Chaperones should be alert to campers informally trying to sing during free time and offer support, encouragement and coaching. Always remember, Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast is about campers having a good time, not about chaperones having a good time. While chaperones are expected to enjoy themselves, campers come first.

  • By the end of camp, the music team (the faculty members such as guest clinicians and quartets) for both choruses will be asked to choose the "Most Improved Vocalist" and the "Most Enthusiastic Participant" and other awards as they see fit. The Music Team will probably call upon the chaperones for assistance in the process, so chaperones should try to determine these candidates as the camp progresses.

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