What is Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast? 

Simply put, Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast is one of the best and most unique musical enrichment opportunities available to high school-aged students and their teachers. A joint outreach effort of the international Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), Harmony Inc. (HI), and Sweet Adelines Intl. (SAI), HX Camp Northeast brings together young singers from the northeastern US and Canada for an intensive weekend of learning and music-making, under the leadership of stellar directors, clinicians and coaches. This year's camp will be held August 1-4, 2019 (Thursday-Sunday) at beautiful Worcester State University in Worcester, MA. 

Who can attend Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast? 

The camp is open to any student who has completed 8th grade (typically aged 13-14); students may attend through the summer following their 12th grade (senior) year (typically aged 17-18). We also have a peer leader program (ages 18-24), for more information please visit www.nedistrict.org/hxne/peerleader. Chaperones are also a vital piece to the camp and are accepted aged 24 and older (HXNE has the right to choose its chaperones based off of criteria as outlined in job description). Information about becoming a chaperone can be found here: www.nedistrict.org/hxne/chaperone. A separate track is available for professional music educators and collegiate music education majors, more information can be found on our website: www.nedistrict.org/hxne/musiceducators

Why is this camp so much less expensive than comparable music camps? 

The estimated “real cost” per-person cost of just over $400 is subsidized by the generous support of Harmony Foundation, International and by contributions from chapters, quartets and individuals from men's and women's barbershop organizations, allowing us to set tuition rates at a lower cost. For tuition rates, visit our registration site: www.nedistrict.org/hxne/register. The camp is a nonprofit entity and all of the staff volunteer their time for the weekend. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the program, you may donate by credit card via the online registration site or by contacting hxne@nedistrict.org

I'm interested in possibly chaperoning, who do I talk to if I'd like to know more?

Chaperoning for HX Camp Northeast is an extremely rewarding experience and also is essential to the success of the camp in general. For further questions about what specific responsibilities chaperoning entails, please contact us at hxne@nedistrict.org or visit our website for a brief job description: www.nedistrict.org/hxne/chaperone.  

How do I register for HX Camp Northeast? 

Complete an online registration! Once your registration is submitted, you will be directed to print out and complete your required forms, which you will then send in to our registrar.  If you are unable to register online, you may also obtain a paper offline registration form.

How do I know I'm registered? 

You will receive an instant registration receipt once your online registration has been submitted as well as a follow-up confirmation email. Once your forms have been received, you will receive an email with a link to a “participant only” page which will allow you to download your information packet, music, and learning tracks. 

What can I expect to experience at the camp? 

You'll join over 150 other young singers in an experience you won't forget!  You will sleep in the college dormitories, eat in the college cafeteria on an all-you-can eat meal plan (and the food is great!), attend dynamic rehearsal sessions, sectional rehearsals and workshops, and listen to quartets or sing tags at the picnic and ice cream social. The weekend culminates in a Saturday evening concert, featuring the camp choruses and guest stars from the international barbershop stage. For adults, you have the same amount of fun and an experience that is incomparable! Adults get to join 50+ other adults in a chorus to perform on Saturday night also!

When do I need to arrive at Worcester State University?

All attendee's should check-in on Thursday, August 1, 2019 in Sheehan Hall. Our staff will be ready to welcome Chaperones & Peer Leaders at 11:30am and Music Educators & Campers between 2:00pm-3:00pm.  

When will I be departing from Worcester State University?

Participants of the camp (excluding Chaperones) may choose whether to stay until Sunday, August 4, 2019 (to depart between 8:00am-9:30am) OR Saturday, August 3, 2019 after the All Camp Show (estimated end time 9:45pm).  While registering for HX Camp Northeast, attendees will need to choose their day of departure. The cost of staying until Sunday is included in the tuition price. But, if a participant choses to leave or stay on an alternate date from annotated on the registration form, the participant will be responsible for the difference in costs related.

What type of music will I be singing? 

Repertoire at the camp is a mixture of men's and women's barbershop and TTBB/SSAA choral literature. Past selections have run the gamut from "Coney Island Baby" to "Under the Boardwalk" to Tomas Luis de Victoria's "Weep, O Mine Eyes" and Franz Biebl's "Ave Maria." We've also sung songs from the famous movies of "Pitch Perfect", "Les Miserables” and some other favorites! Our clinicians include respected educators and award/medal-winning barbershoppers. (Often both!) 

I've never sung barbershop - what do I need to know? 

The fundamentals of singing and technique are exactly the same for barbershop as for any other style of choral singing, although some of the stylistic conventions may be new to you. You will also need to choose your appropriate barbershop voice part. To find out more about the art of barbershop, please visit our website: www.nedistrict.org/youth-in-harmony  

I currently sing in a barbershop quartet - what can the camp do for me? 

Bring your whole quartet and get coached by our staff! Refine your barbershop skills, sing in a large chorus, perform for your peers, and learn some new repertoire and tricks of the craft while having a great time. 

I'm a school choral teacher (or an aspiring one)… what can HX Camp Northeast do for me and my program? 

The timing of the camp provides a perfect opportunity to energize your choral students in preparation for the new school year. The activities of the camp help students to train their ears, read music, tune close harmonies, improve part independence, and sing expressively. Personally, you can observe some master teachers and clinicians in action, pick up some new tricks of the trade, share your own insights and techniques with colleagues from a wide area, learn some new repertoire, and generally "recharge your batteries" before heading back to the classroom in September. Collegiate music education majors gain valuable experience before student teaching or moving into the workforce, interacting both with high school students and seasoned professionals. We also offer CEU’s for music educators who are in need of credit for professional development.

My students are attending - what are my responsibilities as a teacher? 

Ready for some great news? You can attend the camp with your students, but you are not their chaperone! No hustling them from one activity to another, no room checks at night or wake-up calls in the morning - you're not even housed in the same building! We have a full staff of chaperones who are responsible for the students while you get to take classes, observe rehearsals, and sing in the educators' chorus! As like most music festivals, we certainly encourage you to go over the music with your students before the camp, but they have the ability to practice on their own with .mp3 learning tracks. NOTE: We encourage students to arrange their own transportation with their families, but if you plan on driving a group of students to/from camp, we strongly suggest you follow whatever protocols your school district uses for permission for student transport to protect yourself from any liability.

HX Camp Northeast sounds great! How can I support this venture? 

Tell everyone about us! Refer singers you know to our website! If you'd like to make a monetary donation, you may do so by credit card via the "Make a Donation" option on our registration page, or contact us via email to find ways to help.